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Specifying Building Insulation AIA Continuing Education

Bonded Logic Inc has sponsored an AIA Continuing Education article in the June issue of Architectural Record. While this is a sponsorship, rather than an actual advertisement, you can find multiple images of UltraTouch and the article certainly has a slant towards the features and advantages of using our products. This article and accompanying test […]

Acoustical Baffles

Picture a cafeteria or lunch room that can hold 150 people. The picture in your mind is going to depend on the age group of people using the room. Grade school, high school or college cafeterias usually have vinyl tile floors, painted concrete walls and either a drop ceiling or a painted sheetrock ceiling. Large […]

2010 G-20 Toronto Summit

G-20 Toronto Summit – Toronto, Canada The world’s chief finance ministers and central bank governors meet to address global economic recovery. They will meet to discuss monetary policies and regulations in hopes of consensus to stabilize the world finances and avoid future crises. This is the 4th such meeting since it’s origination in 1999, spurred by […]

The Noisy Restaurant

If you think about it, having a noise problem in a restaurant is one of the best problems an owner can have. Noise means people enjoying themselves. A bigger problem, I suppose, would be if the place were completely empty all of the time. As I have noted in a few other restaurant based articles, restaurants can be a tricky space to treat for a few reasons which I will do my best to explain […]

Dog Kennel/Grooming Salon Acoustics

We have quite a few different products that could all potentially reduce the noise in your grooming salon and each will offer it’s own respective advantages and disadvantages. Some are very economical, some are washable and some are decorative and customizable […]

Fellowship Hall/Church Acoustics

Do you have a fellowship hall?!? Do the noise levels in your fellowship hall get to uncomfortable levels when filled with people?!? Have you been lucky enough to be the one chosen to find out how to fix this?!? Will you have an entire committee to report to?!? Do you have a limited budget but need to come up with a solution that is aesthetically pleasing enough to pass a committee vote?!? Well, friends, this is the article for you […]

How to Soundproof a Classroom 101

Sound quality and understanding speech in a classroom environment is obviously something of importance. If students are not able to clearly hear instruction in a classroom they are not able to learn – or learn nearly as effectively as they should […]

Salon Noise Problem

There is always more than one way to treat a sound problem, but the tricky thing with most salon-type environments is the aesthetic that people want/need to maintain. Most salons are made of “sweepable” floors, standard drywall walls and hard ceilings – a perfect environment for an echo […]

A/C Compressor Noise

“We recently purchased our home and to our surprise, the outdoor A/C compressors are extremely noisy. I am wondering what your thoughts would be about silencing the noise coming from the vibration of the units themselves, if any.” Based on your description of the problem, I would probably taking this in a two or three step process to make sure that you take the right steps while spending the least amount of money […]