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Soundproof Flooring

For an effective flooring solution that reduces both airborne noise and impact, consider acoustic flooring options such as soundproof subfloors, underlayment, and pads during installation. These materials can significantly decrease sound transmission between rooms, making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications. With proper acoustic floor insulation, hardwood floors and other types of flooring can be transformed into noise-reducing surfaces that provide a peaceful and productive environment for work and living. Whether you’re looking to enhance sound absorption or overall noise reduction, incorporating an acoustic layer into your flooring materials can be a major benefit for all.

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Floor Soundproofing Products

Acoustik 3/8"

Floor Soundproofing Products

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Floor Soundproofing Products


Floor Soundproofing Products

Quiet Floor Walk

Floor Soundproofing Products

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Elevate Your Floors: Acoustic Flooring Solutions

Enhance your space with Acoustical Surfaces' soundproof flooring solutions. Ideal for reducing noise in residential and commercial environments.

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As leaders in noise control products, our floor soundproofing products are available in many different styles and materials. Constructed from recycled rubber or synthetic fibers, these easy to install products are suitable for use under ceramic tile, hardwood, laminate and engineered wood floors, or carpet. By using floor sound insulation products specifically designed to reduce sound transmission, you will be preventing a leading cause of tenant dissatisfaction. Quiet spaces are valued in residential and commercial environments. To reduce structure-borne sound even further, our specialized glues reduce impact noise and improve resistance to airborne sound.

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