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Rubber Pads And Super K Corks

soundproof flooring

The all-rubber Super W pad is usually the best pad for isolating vibration. However, many contractors are used to the cork and rubber composite pad and are hesitant to change. We have a new anti-vibration cork and rubber pad, the Super K, that is a great improvement over what’s out there now. A lower duro rubber, glued to both sides of a cork core, gives the equipment a quieter ride. The vibration isolation pad’s modular 2′×2′ design with a thin membrane between allows the contractor to easily cut and separate the Super K pad with a box cutter or utility knife for just the size he needs.

Product Testing & Information

Super K Load Rating (per Square)
Type & SizeLoad per 2″×2″ square (lbs)Rated Defl. (in)
Super K Pad – 18″×18″×3/4″200.07