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Echo Reducing Panels and Soundproofing

In large areas such as classrooms, concert halls, or sports venues, the ability of the space to absorb echoes is vital for acoustical effectiveness. The trick is to secure the area with acoustic panels to reduce echo.

Absorbing Echo Products

Absorbing Echo

Echo Eliminator

Absorbing Echo

Envirocoustic Wood Wool

Absorbing Echo

Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass

Absorbing Echo

Sound Silencer

Absorbing Echo


Absorbing Echo

Cellulose-Based Acoustical Panels (CFAB)

Absorbing Echo

Poly Max Panels

Absorbing Echo

Silk Metal

Transform Your Space: Master Acoustic Excellence

Elevate the acoustic quality of concert halls, classrooms, and sports arenas with Acoustical Surfaces' echo-absorbing panels. Secure clarity and comfort for performers and audiences.

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Performers, speakers and audiences all stand to benefit from a space that utilizes the best acoustic wall panels as well as noise reduction and sound absorption products to achieve high-quality acoustics. We understand that different rooms have different needs, however, and offer our customers a variety of options so that you can choose the best room echo reduction and sound treatment product for your acoustic treatment needs.

As specialists in sound transmission and noise control, we offer a wide range of echo absorbing products that can be integrated into any setting. Our experts and trained acoustical advisers provide customized analyses for your situation and can recommend the perfect solution to annoying echoes and reverberation that reduce sound quality. We provide a large selection of high-quality echo reduction wall panel materials to reach this goal.

At Acoustical Surfaces, we are leaders in everything from basic acoustic foam panels to high performance proprietary systems. We offer environmentally friendly, LEED eligible products made from recycled cotton as well as user friendly, do-it-yourself high-tension fabric wall echo reduction panel systems. We can help you get rid of unwanted noise and solve outdoor acoustical problems with our durable and portable echo reduction panels, which are mold, mildew, and impact resistant. Our products also feature Class A fire ratings, so you can rest assured that they are safe in any setting.

To learn more about echo-absorbing and acoustic-improvement systems, please explore the list below and feel free to contact Acoustical Surfaces.