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ACOUSTIK™ Sound Deadening Floor Underlay

ACOUSTIK™ soundproof floor underlay being implemented by Acoustical Surfaces customers.

Acoustical – Acoustic Rubber Underlay

Keep your home, business, or next project more acoustically sound with ACOUSTIK™ Sound Deadening Floor Underlay. This high-performance material is made of recycled rubber material for a greener solution to soundproofing. It is easy to install, cost-effective, and once installed is undetectable besides the quiet it provides. Learn more about ACOUSTIK™ Sound Deadening Floor Underlay below.

Features & Benefits

  • High-performance noise control
  • Cost-effective
  • Recycled rubber materials
  • Provides STC & IIC ratings
  • Dampens vibrations
  • Comfortable and resilient
  • Easy to install and work with
  • Sold by the roll
  • Works with most flooring assemblies
  • May contribute toward LEED(R) credits
recycled rubber

Product Testing & Information

  • Product Specs
  • Installation Instructions
  • CSI Specifications
  • Construction Details
  • Acoustical Tests
  • FIIC Test at Carbonell
  • FIIC & FSTC Field Test
  • FIIC Test 3/8″
  • Flammability Test
  • Critical Radiant Flux Determination
  • Recycled Content Certificate
  • Access All

Products Spec


Recycled Rubber


Flat, semi-smooth


Effective Sound Control


Soundproof Floor Underlay. Homes, Offices, Condos, Home Theaters and Sound Rooms


1/4", 3/8″, 1/2"

Roll Size

4′×25′ – for 1/4" and 3/8" thickness
4' x 20' - for 1/2" thickness

Sold in full rolls.




Class C Fire Rated per ASTM E84


DA-5 Adhesive

Acoustik Subflooring FIIC 62 diagram by Acoustical Surfaces


  • Wood Floor
  • Adhesive
  • 8-mm (5/16″) Acoustik Membrane
  • Adhesive
  • Concrete slab


Acoustik Subflooring FIIC 61 diagram by Acoustical Surfaces


  • Wood Floor
  • Adhesive
  • 8-mm (5/16″) Acoustik Membrane
  • Adhesive
  • 38-mm (1 1/2″) Concrete Slab
  • 11.1-mm (7/16″) Particleboard
  • 38×235-mm (2″×10″) Floor Joist
  • RSI 1.470-mm (2 3/4″) Sound Insulation


25 Year Limited Warranty:

The 25 year limited warranty is offered by Tuile Duro Inc. Acoustik is warranted against degradation of the physical properties of the products rubber material when installed in accordance with the manufactures installation instructions. The limited warranty covers replacement of the Acoustik product only, labor, materials and other cost to repair and replace floor components are not warranted no other warranty is either expressed or implied. All liability associated with the use of Acoustik is assumed by Tuile Duro Inc.