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QUIET LIGHT™ Classroom Noise Monitor Traffic Light

Quiet Light Classroom Noise Management
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The Fun Way to Reduce Classroom Noise


  • Portable & Easy For Monitoring Noise Levels In Classrooms, Daycare Or At Home
  • Traffic Light Is Computerized With Adjustable Sound Level Meter
  • Manually Turn Different Colored Lights On, If Desired
  • User Has The Option Of Turning Siren Sound Off

Technical Information:

  • Traffic Light is 17″ Tall, 5.5″ Wide, and 3.25″ Deep
  • Approximately 3.5lbs
  • Uses highly efficient LED’s
  • Standard Power Outlet, 10′ Power Cord Provided
  • Can Be Mounted On The Wall Or Stand On Its Own

Product Testing & Information

Classroom Management With QUIET LIGHT™

The Quiet Light classroom noise monitor traffic light will signal when there is too much noise being made. Select the appropriate sound level for your situation and let the Quiet Light be an audio-visual reminder when the noise level gets too high.

This classroom noise level meter is perfect for K-12 classroom teachers to use with their students to manage classroom noise. Acceptable levels of noise can be adjusted for quiet activities or louder group work.

Drama departments can incorporate this unit as a quiet signal to alert backstage cast members of inappropriate off-stage noises.

Nursery schools with hearing-impaired students can use this classroom noise monitor as a visual signal.

University Teacher Prep Programs can use the unit to model appropriate classroom noise management strategies.

Quiet Light can be used in any setting where managing noise levels is beneficial, such as libraries, or for study areas around student campuses. Even in commercial office spaces where ongoing noise monitoring is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Quiet Light™ work?

The Quiet Light™ works by using a built-in microphone to monitor the noise level in a room. When the noise reaches a predetermined level set by the teacher, the light will change color. For example, it might be green when the classroom is quiet, turn yellow as the noise level rises, and turn red if the noise level is too high.

How can I set the noise level threshold on the Quiet Light™?

The noise level threshold on the Quiet Light™ is fully adjustable. Just adjust the dial or use buttons (depending on your model) to set the threshold for each color light. Please refer to your specific product manual for precise instructions.

Will the Quiet Light™ make noise when the light changes?

No, the Quiet Light™ is designed to be a non-disruptive tool. When the noise level exceeds the set limit, the light changes color, but this happens silently. The goal is to provide a visual cue to students that they need to quiet down, without interrupting the flow of teaching or studying.

Product Specs


17″ Tall, 5.5″ Wide, 3.25″ Deep


3.5 lbs.


Adjustable from 50db to over 110db


AC Adapter