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Soundproofing Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Proper soundproofing of apartments will make for happy tenants in situations where people live together in multi-unit residential properties. Whether the noise is outside or inside the building, we have the right solutions to prevent noise pollution from becoming an issue.

Acoustical Surfaces engineers and manufactures a wide range of construction products for noise control applications. We have products for walls, ceilings, flooring assemblies, doors and windows. Our unique sound isolation clips prevent noise from penetrating through ceiling, floor, and wall assemblies. Our recycled rubber underlayment feature STC and IIC ratings that are proven to be the best in the industry. The Climate Seal window inserts are custom made, retro fit window solutions that install quickly and easily and offer significant reduction to noise coming through windows.

We have products that suit any application and are designed to meet building standards and certifications. For some examples of our outstanding products, please see the list above or contact us today.