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Soundproofing Materials for Cars, Ships, and other Modes of Transportation

If the interior of your car, ship, or boat suffers from intrusive noises, such as engine hum or road and water turbulence, sound deadening materials can provide an effective solution.

Understanding Sound Deadening

Sound deadening involves the application of specialized materials to absorb and reduce noise levels. In vehicles like cars, these can be applied to door panels and floors. In ships and boats, these materials can be used in cabins, engine rooms, and even on the deck to minimize noise.

Addressing Varying Noise Sources

Different types of materials are tailored to address various kinds of noise—road noise in cars, water flow in boats, and machinery sounds in ships. These materials work by absorbing and dispersing sound waves, significantly lowering the noise level in the interior spaces. For cars, ships, and boats, specific sound deadening materials can effectively reduce engine or machinery noise, leading to a more enjoyable travel experience.

How Acoustical Surfaces Can Help

To improve noise control and reduce sound transmission, Acoustical Surfaces offers a wide range of automotive vibration control products that will meet the needs of the toughest transportation applications.

To reduce noise in automobiles and ships, we offer damping sheets that easily install to wood, sheet metal, plastic, or fiberglass surfaces. These specialized automotive vibration control films prevent body panels from vibrating, thus preventing unwanted noise in passenger areas. We also carry a line of barriers that reduce sound transmission of materials moving through waste pipes and HVAC ducts, and panels that reduce airborne sound transmission.

Acoustic Surfaces is a leader in soundproofing and noise control solutions across a very wide range of industries and applications. Here is a list of some acoustic products that are most commonly used throughout the transportation industry. For more information about our car soundproofing materials , please contact us today.

Transportation Soundproofing Products


V-Max Vibration Damper


VB-2 Vibration Dampening Sheet


Barrier Decoupler


PVC Decoupler


CFAB Cellulose Panels


Sound Silencer


Silk Metal


Echo Barrier