How Can I Be a Quieter Neighbor

Most of the time we hear about people trying to quiet down their neighbor or at least reduce the amount that can be heard. But, what if you are the noisy neighbor?

Lifehacker, which describes itself as having “tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done”, recently had a reader write in with a question on how to be a more courteous neighbor when it comes to soundproofing.

You guys have talked a lot about how to deal with noisy neighbors, but what if you are that noisy neighbor? I like to watch movies and listen to music pretty loudly, but want to be courteous. Are there any DIY soundproofing tips I can use to keep noise from soaking into nearby apartments?

Their tips are to talk to your neighbors, absorb sound, and turn it down (or at least get some headphones).

Check out the full article to learn how to be quieter for your neighbors.

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