Echo Eliminator - Composite

Bonded Acoustical Cotton High-Density Composite Panels

Echo Eliminator Composite, made from bonded acoustical cotton (B.A.C.) with a foil FRK facing, is a cost-effective dual-purpose acoustical absorber and noise barrier. Made from recycled cotton, this high-performance acoustical panel is ideal for any noise control application. Echo Eliminator Composite panels are easily installed with adhesive, fiberglass free, and may be eligible for LEED™ credits.

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  • Product Specs


    Gymnasiums, auditoriums, classrooms, music rooms, arenas & stadiums, offices, computer rooms, restaurants/cafeterias, residential, concert halls & theaters, pro audio, gun ranges, manufacturing plants, machine enclosures, water treatment plants

    Material Composition

    Bonded acoustical cotton (B.A.C.) made from recycled fibers




    8 lb. pcf


    Standard Size
    24" x 48"


    Marble Blue with foil FRK facing

    Installation Method

    Ceiling: Adhesive
    Wall: Adhesive

  • Color Options
    Echo Eliminator – Composite
    Marble Blue

    Note: Although we take extensive precautions and purge the lines between colors, due to the manufacturing process color inconsistencies – including dye lot variations – flecks, specks, and other slight surface blemishes are unavoidable. Please call for details.

  • Acoustical Specs

    Sound Absorption

    NRC Rating per ASTM C423: 0.75

    Sound Transmission

    STC Rating per ASTM E90: 0.17

  • Accessories & Hardware

    B.A.C. Blade

    8″ round universal table saw toothless blade for field cutting acoustical panels
    Application: Ceiling and Wall Panels


    Insul-Knife hand tool for field cutting acoustical panels
    Application: Ceiling and Wall Panels