Sound Deadening Paint: Introducing the Coat of Silence™

Sound Deadening Spray-on PaintAcoustical Surfaces, Inc. is proud to announce that it has introduced a new sound deadening paint product to the soundproofing market: Coat of Silence™. An easy-to-use spray-on wall coating, Coat of Silence corrals mid-range sounds and greatly reduces common noise. Test lab results have shown that sound reduction for Coat of Silence is an industry high in its product class.

Coat of Silence Diagram

Coat of Silence uses a two step base coat and finish coat system that can be sprayed onto a pre-built surface or new construction. It is cost effective, mold resistant, class A fire retardant, and requires only one person for application, which greatly reduces labor costs.

“We’re very proud to bring Coat of Silence to the marketplace,” says JR Anderson, President of Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. “The lab testing process created a lot of buzz within our company and we feel this product is a game changer.”

Sound deadening paint applications include hospitals, hotels, schools, condos, apartments, home media rooms, offices, retail centers, construction and many more. We recommend only those with commercial airless spray application experience, or painting and coatings professionals, attempt to apply this product.
For more information and documentation regarding sound deadening paint, including technical statistics and testing, please visit our Coat of Silence spray-on sound reducing coating product page.


    • Katie Y


      I have passed your contact information onto our Coat of Silence sales manager. He will contact you shortly. Thanks.

  1. Dennis

    Hello, I am construction supervisor at NARMC a hospital in NW Arkansas. We could use a product like this, but I cannot find any actual testing information on the product, actual decibel reduction numbers for high, low, and medium sounds. The product must also have fire/flame spread class 1 rating. Can you direct me to this information?

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