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CIP & CIW Housed Spring Mounts

Housed Spring Mounts

C Housed Spring Mounts may be used on outdoor applications. They have lateral stability and are recommended for moderate horizontal wind loads without seismic restraint requirements.

“C” one inch minimum deflection spring mounts provide greater vibration control than the lower deflection neoprene mounts. They function the same as SLF mounts but have semi-circular neoprene sponge inserts that limit movement due to start and stop and horizontal wind load. These inserts prevent contact between the projections of the upper and lower semi-circular casting. C spring mounts are recommended for all air-conditioning applications, under compressors, air handling units, centrifugal fans and most other constant frequency vibration problems.

“C” two inch deflection spring mounts are for use on equipment located on wide upper level building spans and roofs where more than one inch of deflection is needed to cancel the effect of the building spans deflection.

Product Testing & Information

CIP – House Spring Mounts with Internal Adjustment

House Spring Mounts with Internal Adjustment

CIW – House Spring Mounts with Internal Adjustment and W Pad

House Spring Mounts with Internal Adjustment and W Pad
Height Saving Bracket

Height Saving Bracket – Use when equipment cannot be raised to mount’s free & operating height.

Machine with Spring Mount


Supporting surfaces must be flat and level under mounts. Relative elevations must be held to ½″ from the highest to the lowest position. Grout or provide full spacers to compensate for larger differences.

  1. When equipment is mounted directly to Type “C” Mounts, place mountings under equipment bolt holes and install the mounting adjustment bolts as shown.
    • When equipment is installed directly to Type “CI”, “CIP” or “CIW” Mounts, place mounting under the equipment holes or in the proper position.
    • When mounts are installed under steel base mounting brackets, block the base at the proper elevation as shown on the drawing before installing mounts.
  2. Take 2 complete downward (clockwise) turns on adjustment bolt or internal adjustment nut of all mounts. Repeat this procedure as many times as necessary until clearance “A” is a minimum of ¼″ for direct mounting or equipment lifts off blocks.
  3. Level equipment by taking additional turns on low side or corner.
  4. On Type “C” Mounts, Tighten lock nut against equipment base.

All springs have additional travel to solid equal to 50% of the rated deflection except C-B2-450, which has minimum 38% at rated capacity.

C 1″ Deflection Spring Mounts
Type & Size Rated Capacity Rated Deflection Mount Constant Spring Color/Stripe Dimensions
A L W Free & Oper. Height
C-A-45 45 lbs 1.60″ 28 lbs/in Blue 4″ 5-3/4″ 2-1/8″ 4-1/2″
C-A-75 75 lbs 1.50″ 50 lbs/in Orange
C-A-125 125 lbs 1.33″ 94 lbs/in Brown
C-A-200 200 lbs 1.15″ 174 lbs/in Black
C-A-310 310 lbs 1.00″ 310 lbs/in Yellow
C-A-400 400 lbs 1.00″ 400 lbs/in Green
C-A-510 510 lbs 1.00″ 510 lbs/in Red
C-A-625 625 lbs 1.00″ 625 lbs/in White
3/4″ Minimum Deflection
C 2″ Deflection Spring Mounts
Type & Size Rated Capacity Rated Deflection Mount Constant Spring Color/Stripe Dimensions
A L W Free & Oper. Height
C-B-20 20 lbs 2.40″ 8 lbs/in Tan 5-3/4″ 8-1/4″ 2-3/4″ 5-3/4″
C-B-26 26 lbs 2.18″ 12 lbs/in White/Blue
C-B-35 35 lbs 2.20″ 16 lbs/in Purple
C-B-50 50 lbs 2.20″ 24 lbs/in White/Red
C-B-65 65 lbs 2.10″ 31 lbs/in Brown
C-B-85 85 lbs 2.10″ 40 lbs/in White/Black
C-B-115 115 lbs 2.00″ 57 lbs/in Silver
C-B-150 150 lbs 2.00″ 75 lbs/in Orange
C-B2-210 210 lbs 2.12″ 99 lbs/in Silver
C-B2-290 290 lbs 2.00″ 144 lbs/in Blue
C-B2-450 450 lbs 2.00″ 224 lbs/in Tan
1-1/2″ Minimum Deflection

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