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Sanitary Series Encapsulated Acoustical Baffles

Encapsulated Sanitary Acoustical Baffles Sanitary Series Encapsulated Acoustical Baffles
  • High Performance Acoustics
  • Durable
  • Water & Stain Resistant
  • Sanitary
  • FDA Accepted

Fiberglass absorbers reduce the reflection of sound waves by adding soft, porous, open-celled materials to an environment. The Sanitary Acoustical Baffle is durable, low cost and virtually rip-proof. The sound absorption core is completely encapsulated in reinforced mylar film. The white facing reflects light, which adds to the illumination in a room. Wall panels are constructed with all edges bound and grommets across the top.

Product Testing & Information


Fiberglass encapsulated with 2 mil. rip-proof mylar facing.


Mylar reinforced facing


Weather and temperature resistant. (Temp range -40°F to +220°F)


Industrial applications requiring cleanable and weather resistant surface. For harsh noisy environments that require high performance noise reduction. Clean rooms, kitchens, animal hospitals, food processing areas, bottling plants.


Type A – 1½″ (1.6 lb./cu.ft density fiberglass core)
Type B – 2″ (3lb./cu.ft density fiberglass core – additional reinforcement at each grommet)


Nominal 2′×4′




ASTM E-84 Class A, Flame Spread: 23; Smoked Developed: 30


Cable/hooks, tie wraps

Encapsulated Sanitary Acoustical Baffles – Octave Band Frequencies (Hz)
Type 125HZ 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4Khz Sabins
Type A 1.15 5.26 8.0 10.09 9.34 5.5 8.4
Type B 1.00 8.09 14.64 15.72 12.68 4.93 12.8