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Barrier – Decoupler

Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier with Foam Decoupler

The Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier with Foam Decoupler by Acoustical Surfaces is a noise barrier that helps reduce sound and helps increase the safety on projects. This dense barrier can be used on a variety of behind-the-scenes ductwork, pipes, and other things in order to keep the functional aspect of a building quieter. Some of the features of this material are:

  • Reduces Sound Transmission
  • Contains Intrusive Noise
  • Improves Health and Safety
  • Provides Thermal Insulation

See more detailed product specifications below. For more noise reduction materials to help on your next project, continue to browse Acoustical Surfaces’ website.

Product Testing & Information

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Product Specs


Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier


High density limp material with acoustic foam decoupler to reduce noise transmission.


Reduces noise transmission through ceilings, walls, floors, machinery and equipment, enclosures, PVC waste pipe, HVAC ducts. Apply on any solid surface or on floor under carpet for effective noise containment.




54″ Wide × 20′, 30′ Rolls


Polyurethane Foam


Black, Grey


UL 94-HFTI Class C

Pipe/Surface Maximum Temperature



Materials can be adhered to surface.

Acoustical Properties

Airborne sound transmission class = STC 27 per ASTM C423

Sound Transmission Loss (STC)
Vinyl Barrier – Decoupler131919212833404227

graphicAcoustical Pipe lagging dramatically reduces the amount of noise that transmits through the walls of ductwork, PVC and cast iron pipes. When a decoupler layer is added sound transmission is improved.

Caution: Polyurethane foam is flammable and may emit toxic fumes when burned. Do not use near open flame. Check local codes for allowed use. Manufacturer assumes no liability.