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Sani-Sorb Mylar Encapsulated Fiberglass Acoustical Panel by Acoustical Surfaces Noise S.T.O.P. Sani-Sorb™ Aluminized Mylar Encapsulated Fiberglass Acoustical Panels

Aluminized Mylar Encapsulated Semi-Rigid Fiberglass Acoustical Panels

  • Sanitary
  • Cleanable
  • High Acoustical Performance

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Noise S.T.O.P. Sani-Sorb™ consists of a semi-rigid fiberglass core completely encapsulated within a 2 mil thick reinforced foil polypropylene cover.

Noise S.T.O.P. Sani-Sorb™ is available in custom sizes up to 4′ x 8′, and thicknesses of 1 and 2 inches. The NRC rating of these acoustic panels is 0.80 and 1.05 respectively. Sani-Sorb is Class A fire Rated per ASTM E84, cleanable, and sanitary.


Product Specs


Fiberglass panel core wrapped with aluminized mylar face


1”, 2”


Custom sizes up to 4’ x 8’


Class A Fire Rated per ASTM E84

Weather Resistance

No corrosion or delamination at 120°F, 95% relative humidity for 30 days.

Temperature Resistance

The laminate withstands 4 hours at 160°F without delamination.

Water Resistance

Withstands 24 hour HO at 70°F without delamination.

Cold Weather Flexibility

At -40°F passes with no cracking of the surface.

Light Reflectance


Tensile Strength


Discover the perfect combination of sound control and cleanliness with our Noise S.T.O.P. SANI-SORB™ acoustic Panels. These expertly crafted aluminized semi-rigid fiberglass panels offer both acoustical performance and outstanding sanitary properties. You can also customize your setup with sizes up to 4′ x 8′, that way you have a solution that fully meets your needs. Plus, boasting a Class A Fire Rating per ASTM E84, these panels ensure durability and fire safety.

While the SANI-SORB™ Acoustic Panel provides excellent sound control, we also recommend you check out the rest of our acoustic panel and sound absorption products, including additional rigid fiberglass panels, acoustic fabric, and other related products.

Reverberation Demonstration

Noise S.T.O.P. Sani-Sorb™ – Sound Absorption/Noise Reduction
Nom. Size125Hz400Hz800Hz1KHz1.2KHz2KHz4KHzNRC

You can reach out to our team of specialists who can help build the exact sound control solution you need. Whether you’re looking for. exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling applications, or more, we have what you need in order to optimize your acoustic environment. Reach out to us today to achieve pristine sound!