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Sani-Sorb Mylar Encapsulated Fiberglass Acoustical Panel

Aluminized Mylar Encapsulated Semi-Rigid Fiberglass Acoustical Panels

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Noise S.T.O.P. Sani-Sorb™ Aluminized Mylar face wrapped semi-rigid fiberglass acoustic wall panel, as manufactured by Acoustical Surfaces, is a highly efficient tuned noise absorber designed for mid to low frequency absorption.

Noise S.T.O.P. Sani-Sorb™ acoustic panels consist of a semi-rigid fiberglass core completely encapsulated within a 2 mil thick reinforced foil polypropylene cover.


Product Specs


Fiberglass core wrapped with aluminized mylar face


1”, 2”


Custom sizes up to 4’ x 8’


Class A Fire Rated per ASTM E84

Weather Resistance

No corrosion or delamination at 120°F, 95% relative humidity for 30 days.

Temperature Resistance

The laminate withstands 4 hours at 160°F without delamination.

Water Resistance

Withstands 24 hour HO at 70°F without delamination.

Cold Weather Flexibility

At -40°F passes with no cracking of the surface.

Light Reflectance

: 90.5%.

Tensile Strength



ASTM E-84 Class 1.

Reverberation Demonstration

Noise S.T.O.P. Sani-Sorb™ – Sound Absorption/Noise Reduction
Nom. Size 125Hz 400Hz 800Hz 1KHz 1.2KHz 2KHz 4KHz NRC
1″ .13 .73 1.10 1.08 .95 .62 .45 .80
2″ .28 1.18 1.08 1.00 .95 .71 .43 1.05