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Soundproofing Curtains & Sound Blankets

Made from sound-absorbing materials, our soundproof blankets and curtains offer an alternative to more costly solutions, are portable, and are easy to install. The acoustic blanket and curtain serve as a way to reduce sound transmission from many different environmental noise pollution sources.

Industrial soundproof curtains are available in a variety of forms. We supply portable acoustical panel enclosures and screens with a core of foam or fiberglass faced with aluminized or polyester fabric that is ideal for machinery and work area enclosures indoors or out. Easy set-up around noisy areas makes these ideal solutions for unusual conditions where other types of sound barriers wouldn’t work as well. From indoor applications, custom-made decorative curtains, constructed with a core material of naturally fire-resistant wool fabric, and related products offer a higher degree of sound absorption than traditional curtains.

Sound blankets are most commonly used to absorb and block unwanted noise from outdoor equipment or machinery but are also highly effective as wrapping around structural elements in buildings. Constructed with a fiberglass core and a facing made from vinyl or flame-proof foil, acoustical blankets keep the noise level down for a more peaceful and efficient environment. Sound blankets are used throughout commercial and industrial applications. Our other products such as the acoustic panel are also a great way to get the desired noise reduction as they can help to create a sound barrier very much like the common sound curtain.

The below products are just a sampling of our many varieties of Noise Curtains & Sound Blankets which can give you that acoustic treatment you have been looking for. Contact us today to learn more.

Curtains & Sound Blankets

Echo Barrier

Curtains & Sound Blankets

Absorptive Quilted Curtains

Curtains & Sound Blankets

Exterior Quilted Barrier/Absorbers

Curtains & Sound Blankets

Quilted Exterior Absorbers