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Exterior Noise Control Products

Exterior noise control products are important in construction zones, airports, highways, industrial sites, or any applications where a noisy environment would cause a noise pollution problem. A number of outdoor soundproofing products are available to suit any exterior applications.

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Exterior Products

Echo Barrier absorber/barrier

Exterior Products

EXT-BBC-R2 Barrier/absorbers

Exterior Products

EXT-QFA Exterior Absorbers

Exterior Products

Silk Metal™ Panels

Exterior Products

Sound Silencer™ Panels

Reduce Outdoor Noise Pollution with Exterior Sound Solutions

Tackle outdoor noise challenges with Acoustical Surfaces' durable sound-absorbing panels. Ideal for construction zones, airports, and industrial sites.

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We offer a wide selection of outdoor soundproofing products that can be installed as permanent or temporary noise control. To meet noise abatement requirements, flexible barriers and absorbers come in many types of materials such as porous expanded polypropylene, polyethylene, fiberglass, or metal making it possible to create a cost efficient and easy to install system. If a jobsite requires a temporary noise control solutions, installing a reusable sound barrier/absorber to fencing improves conditions for workers and those in the surrounding areas. Our products, like our exterior sound absorbing panels, withstand harsh environmental conditions and resist mold and mildew.

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