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Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier


Plenum (Class A) 1.0 lb. Non-Reinforced

  • Reduces Sound Transmission
  • Contains Noise
  • Improves Communications
  • Improves Health & Safety

Mass Loaded Vinyl is a dense and heavy material that effectively blocks sound transmission. MLV curtains can be used to create a sound barrier in spaces where noise needs to be controlled, such as recording studios, home theaters, or noisy industrial environments.

Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) curtains are a type of acoustic treatment used to improve soundproofing and reduce noise in various settings. These curtains are designed with Mass Loaded Vinyl material, which is known for its sound blocking properties.

The cost of MLV curtains can vary depending on the size, thickness, and additional features. While they may be more expensive than regular curtains, they provide significant soundproofing benefits.

Product Testing & Information

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Product Specs


Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier


Smooth Finish


High density limp material to reduce noise transmission.


Reduced noise transmission through walls, ceilings, floors, pipes, HVAC ducts, office partition walls, computer server rooms, mechanical rooms, machinery enclosures.




48″ Wide × 20′

Tensile Strength

625 PSI



Flame Spread Index (FSI) ≤ 25

Smoke Developed Index (SDI) ≤ 50


MLV curtains can be hung on most curtain rods like regular curtains or drapes, making them a flexible and convenient solution for soundproofing windows, doors, and walls. MLV curtains can be nailed, screwed, stapled or can be reinforced and grommeted and hung like a curtain.

Sound Transmission

ASTM E-90 (90A)

TestTest MethodStandard
Density/WeightASTM D4121.0 lb per SF
Tensile StrengthASTM D412625 PSI
Die “C” TearASTM D412125 lbs
Shore A DurometerASTM D224089 ± 5
ElongationASTM D41290%
Burn TestsASTM E-84Flame Spread Index ≤ 25
Smoke Developed Index ≤ 50
Service Temperature-20°F-180°F
Sound Transmission Class (STC)ASTM E 90 (90A)26


Stud Assembly