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Reinforced Vinyl Noise Barrier

Reinforced Vinyl Barrier
  • Rolls 54″ Wide up to 60′ Long
  • Curtain Panels Available With Grommets and Velcro
  • Limp, Flexible, Formable, Versatile
  • High Tear & Tensile Strength, Extremely Durable

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  • Installation Instructions
  • CSI Specifications
  • Acoustical Tests
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Reinforced Vinyl Noise Barrier (MLVB1-Re) is a flexible reinforced loaded acoustic vinyl barrier featuring an internal reinforcement to offer maximum tear strength and durability. MLVB1-Re Panels can be used where a noise barrier wall is required. The acoustic sound insulation roll is also commonly used in conjunction with Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers to form BBC style acoustical curtain composites.

Product Specs


Typically used where a rugged, tear resistant noise barrier is required. Also, this acoustic sound insulation roll can be used as a barrier back material in BBC style Acoustical Curtain Panels in an Acoustical Curtain Enclosure, acoustical jacket or wrap, and to serve as an accordion fold acoustical door. Acoustic vinyl barrier suitable for outdoor use.


One pound per square foot reinforced loaded vinyl barrier


Gray, Tan, Blue, Olive



Standard Width

54″ wide

Roll Length

60′ long


1.0 lb/ft

Tensile Strength(PSI)

900 lb/in²

Tear Strength (Pound Force)

70 lb/in

Service Temperature

-20°F to +180°F

125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 STC
MLVB1-Re 13 17 22 26 32 37 26
Reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl