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Soundproofing Hotels and Convention Centers

Hotels and convention centers can potentially have a wide range of noise and sound problems. With over 35 years of expertise and industry experience, we are the perfect provider of hotel acoustic solutions to handle venues such as large event spaces, gymnasiums, restaurants, guest rooms, pools, meeting halls, auditoriums, and arenas.

We offer a wide range of products designed to improve hotel and convention center soundproofing, along with other acoustic performance qualities. No matter the size or shape of a given area, we offer custom designed acoustic ceiling and wall panels, clouds and baffles that reduce echoes and create sound absorption. We also have quite a few different products that are used to block sound transmission from room to room. These products include beautiful doors, retro-fit door seal kits, high performing flooring underlayments, soundproof window assemblies and wall assembly products that greatly increase sound transmission class while also maintaining required fire ratings. Our trained acoustic technicians can ensure an ideal acoustic treatment solution and design for your particular noise control issue. Functional and fashionable, our acoustical products can be made to suit the décor in new as well as renovated spaces.

Ensuring the noise level is suitable to the environment is a very important concern for any successful hotel and convention center. To get an idea of our top-quality noise control and hotel soundproofing products, see the list above and contact us for additional details.

Hotel & Convention Center Soundproofing Products