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Smart SMS-AMP-8 Back Smart SMS

The Intelligent Sound Masking System

Smart SMS is designed to provide the best masking sound while preserving the comfort of the occupants. The precise adjustment of the masking sound to the specific characteristics and noise conditions of each work area is what distinguishes this system.

Product Testing & Information

Sound Masking System Amplifier
The SmartSMS-AMP is a DSP-based sound masking noise generator system that provides unique adjustment functions and ensures the generation of the optimum masking sound regardless of the characteristics of the room.

Automatic Equalization Process
Sound masking noise generator adjusts automatically the masking spectrum for the specific architectural characteristics of the building. The adjustment is quick and precise.

Active Adjustment of the Masking Sound Level
Sound masking noise generator continuously measures the ambient noise and automatically adjusts the masking sound level accordingly. The white noise sound masking system maximizes the privacy in the treated space while preserving the occupants’ comfort.

The SMS-AMP white noise sound masking noise generator is available in 1, 2, 4 or 8 channel versions and integrates the controller, the noise generators, the equalizers and the 25-Volt amplifiers. It combines sound masking, music diffusion and paging systems, all integrated in one convenient rackmount package.

Sound Masking Noise Generator Features

  • Fully adjustable output channels, e.g. 1/3 octave equalizers (±0,1 dB Adjustment)
  • Auxiliary inputs for music or paging, 1/3 octave band equalizer on each output
  • Up to 8 SMS-AMP units can be networked through a USB if more than 8 channels are needed
  • Inputs for active sound level sensors
  • Programmable phase-in timer (up to 2 months)
  • Volume control knob allows easy volume adjustments
  • The DSP processor is controlled from a PC connected through a USB port
  • Includes a UL and FCC certified 110-240VAC – 25 VDC external power supply
  • Optional internal clock for calendar function allows time-based automatic adjustments

Automatic Equalization Process Features

  • Integrated 1/3 octave frequency analyzer, real-time measurement of the masking spectrum during the calibration
  • Optional wireless connection between the computer and the SmartSMS allows to easily perform the equalization alone
  • Automatic calculation of the masking sound ensure generation of the target masking sound in the room
  • Different target masking sound spectrums can be applied to different zones
  • A bank of target spectrums is available, spectrum editor function allows to create custom spectrums
  • Equalization can be performed manually, if desired, with a 1/3 Octave band equalizer

Active Adjustment Features

  • Unique active adjustment system which controls the masking volume based on the level of disturbing noise of the room
  • The disturbing noise is measured by sound level sensors installed in the ceiling – up to 8 sensors per zone
  • The masking sound level is adjusted automatically in real-time
  • Rate of adjustment, high limit and low limit are programmable separately on each output
  • Input mixer allows the combination of any active input with any output channel

The SMS-AMP Sound Masking System only requires to be connected to 25-Volt speakers to generate masking sound. All the sound generators, equalizers, mixers and amplifiers are included in one simple rackmount unit.

Internal active system preamplifier allows to connect up to 4 active sensors directly to the SMS unit inputs.

Smart SMS System Setup

Smart Sound Masking System Specifications
ModelChannelsAuxiliary InputsActive InputsPower per ChannelMaximum Speakers per ChannelMaximum Speakers per Unit
PagingNo PagingPagingNo Paging
SMS-AMP-111120 W10201020
SMS-AMP-222280 W326464128
SMS-AMP-442480 W3264120240
SMS-AMP-884880 W3264120240

Product Specs

AC Input

100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption

Maximum: 7.5 A; Typical: < 1 A

Frequency Response



less than 1%

Auxiliary inputs impedance

80 kOhms

Auxiliary inputs maximum voltage

±10 V

Active inputs impedance

80 kOhms

Active inputs maximum voltage

±2 V

Smart SMS Test Data
Smart Sound Masking System Dimensions and Weight
ModelSMS Size
(W × H × D)
Shipping Size
(W × H × D)
SMS WeightShipping Weight
SMS-AMP-117″ × 3-7/8″ × 10-3/4″22″ × 9″ × 15″11 lbs17 lbs
SMS-AMP-217″ × 3-7/8″ × 10-3/4″22″ × 9″ × 15″14.3 lbs20 lbs
SMS-AMP-417″ × 3-7/8″ × 10-3/4″22″ × 9″ × 15″18.3 lbs24 lbs
SMS-AMP-817″ × 3-7/8″ × 16-1/8″22″ × 9″ × 19″31.9 lbs37 lbs