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ND Neoprene Mounts

ND Neoprene Mount ND Neoprene Mounts

Looking for high frequency vibration mounts? The ND Neoprene Mounts are ideal for noise prevention. When you place neoprene isolators under equipment they run quieter and more reliably with less wear. Many times the noise control problem isn’t the walls, ceiling or floors. It’s the equipment.

ND Neoprene Mounts are designed for both high static deflections and simplified installation. The rubber in this neoprene isolator is loaded in both shear and compression to provide rubber in shear performance as well as overload protection. These neoprene isolation mounts are one piece molded assemblies with skid resistant rubber ridged base plates and circular rubber ridged tops. The complete neoprene covering of the metal parts provides corrosion protection in either humid indoor or outdoor service.

Product Testing & Information

Use double deflection neoprene isolation mounts to isolate equipment having slowest rotational component speeds above 1200 RPM that are located in non-critical areas. When equipment is located on wide vibration sensitive spans, higher deflection spring neoprene isolators are generally required to cancel the effect of the floor span’s deflection.

Bolting is not necessary on most installations. When the equipment has a flush drain pan or tank on the bottom, mounts can be inverted as shown so the base plate provides support over a larger area.

ND Mounts perform best when placed under equipment located on ground support concrete slabs, above stiff support walls and columns and rigid upper building spans.

ND Double Deflection Neoprene Mounts
Type & Size Max Rated Capacity Max Rated Deflection Hardness (Durometer) Dimensions
ND-A-Black 45 lbs 0.35″ 30 1-1/2″ 3-3/16″ 1-5/8″ 2-3/8″ 5/16-18 × 3/4″
ND-A-Green 75 lbs 40
ND-A-Red 125 lbs 50
ND-B-Black 100 lbs 0.40″ 30 1-7/8″ 3-7/8″ 2-5/16″ 3″ 3/8-16 × 1″
ND-B-Green 150 lbs 40
ND-B-Red 235 lbs 50
ND-B-White 380 lbs 60
ND-B-Yellow 600 lbs 70
ND-C-Green 260 lbs 0.50″ 40 2-3/4″ 5-1/2″ 3-5/16″ 4-1/8″ 1/2-13 × 1″
ND-C-Red 400 lbs 50
ND-C-White 600 lbs 60