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Product Testing & Information

Silencing HVAC Fan Noise

The fans that move air through modern HVAC systems are noise generators. The ductwork carrying conditioned air to occupied spaces throughout the building can often act similar to the old fashion “speaking tubes” that can conduct intrusive and annoying fan noise to occupied spaces. This can often result in annoying or intolerable noise levels in offices, conference rooms, classrooms and auditoriums, etc. One solution is to place one or more rectangular or round air duct noise silencers between the fan and the occupied spaces.

While reducing objectionable fan noise, duct sound attenuators can also reduce cross-talk transmitted from one space to another through the ducts to insure office privacy. Silent-Mod duct sound attenuators are available in a wide assortment of geometries, models, and lengths. This choice in duct mufflers is to accommodate shape, pressure drop vs. airflow and noise reduction.

Silent-Mod HVAC are fabricated from 22-18 gauge galvanized steel for superior strength and maximum sound transmission reduction through side walls. No flimsy 26 or 24 gauge vent noise silencer material that vibrates in the airstream.

What’s the impact of duct sound attenuators on airflow?

Duct sound attenuators can affect the airflow in HVAC systems. However, well-designed attenuators maintain a balance between efficient noise reduction and minimal impact on airflow. They come in various models and lengths to accommodate different airflow requirements and pressure drops.

How do duct sound attenuators affect office privacy?

Besides reducing HVAC fan noise, duct sound attenuators can also diminish cross-talk transmitted from one space to another through the ducts. This helps ensure office privacy by preventing conversations from being overheard in different rooms connected by the same ductwork.

Are there any special considerations for the installation process?

The installation of duct sound attenuators requires careful consideration of several factors, including the geometry of the ductwork, the type of HVAC system, and the specific noise control needs.  Let the team at Acoustical Surfaces help you with your air duct noise reduction needs.

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