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Low Profile Resilient Sound Isolation Clip

Soundproofing walls anc ceilings

RSIC-1-Low Profile Resilient Sound Isolation Clip

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The RSIC-1-Low Profile resilient sound clip is used on a ceiling or wall to recess the furring channel into the cavity and reduce the overall profile of the RSIC acoustical isolation system to as little as ½″.

The RSIC-1-Low Profile is mounted to the side of a joist or stud. The furring channel is parallel to the framing on a wall or ceiling. The RSIC-1-Low-Profile Clip can be fastened to either a vertical stud, the joist, or the top plate of a wall to create a secure connection for the furring channel.

The RSIC-Low Profile resilient sound clip is designed for use with the RSIC-1 clip that is too large, and a low profile design is desired. For example: A basement ceiling with an existing low ceiling would lose 1-5/8″ with the standard RSIC-1 clip. The RSIC-Low Profile ceiling design has a profile as low as ½″.

Resilient Sound Isolation Clips Wall

RSIC-1-Low Profile

RSIC-1 Low Profile clip with an up facing ‘L’ bracket attaches to the side of the joist allowing the RSIC clip to be recessed into the joist cavity. The furring channel is run parallel to the joist with only ½″ of the channel extending below the button of the joist.