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The depth and dynamics of Acoustic Panels

The ability to perceive sound is a gift. Like all senses, it can produce immense pleasure and it can annoy you like crazy. There is a big difference between the volume produced by your favorite band in a classic venue and the volume produced by a house full of screaming family. It has less to […]

installing sound silencer

Installing Sound Silencer Panels

Noise levels in large spaces with highly-reflective surfaces can quickly become overwhelming – especially if they are left acoustically untreated. The best strategy is to use acoustical absorber panels to reduce some of the energy of reflected sound as well as acoustical diffuser panels to help even it out. By diminishing and spreading out the […]

fabric wrapped panel

Installing Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Panels

Whether you’re treating an office, a professional recording space, or a home entertainment room, acoustical treatments involve only two types of acoustical panels: absorbers and diffusers. Combining absorption and diffusion results in clearer, more satisfying acoustic experiences because it maintains some of the reverberation that is key to our ability to form accurate sound images. […]

acoustic panel poly max

Installing Poly Max™ Polyester Acoustical Wall Panels

If you’ve decided to acoustically treat a room, you can use absorptive acoustical wall panels to reduce some of the excess energy of reflected sound resulting in clearer and more-accurate sound. By removing some of the reflected sound energy – but not all of it – our ears and brains are better able to focus […]

Acoustical Wall Panels

Installing a Standard Acoustic Panel

If left acoustically untreated, the acoustical properties of spaces can be significantly diminished. Sound travels so fast that it fills a room almost instantly. It can also propagate from sources in up to 360 degrees, so it’s easy to imagine how a room with flat, highly-reflective surfaces will create a nearly infinite number of sound […]

echo eliminator

Installing Echo Eliminator Wall Panels

If left acoustically untreated, large, open spaces like some restaurants, school gyms and cafeterias, shopping malls, or sporting venues, to name a few, can generate tremendous volumes of echo and reverberation, making individual as well as public communications very difficult if not outright irritating and hazardous to our health. Public address or speaker systems often […]

soundproof door

Installing a Soundproof Door

Whether at home or work, you may need or desire to soundproof a room. Doctors, legal professionals, and business executives, for example, all require speech privacy and confidentiality as well as freedom from external noise which may interrupt their work and conversations. Hotel owners often want to soundproof room doors to provide their guests complete […]

soundproof door

How to Install a Door Seal Kit: Soundproofing Doors

How to Seal Doors: Blocking External Noise and Ensuring Privacy Generally speaking, most of us prefer our private conversations to remain private, but even more importantly, speech privacy and confidentiality is an un-questioned requirement in medical, legal, and business settings – just to name a few. Whether for personal or professional discretion, discussions behind closed […]

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Soundproofing a Wall

Soundproofing a room or an office is all about keeping unwanted noise out and keeping sound inside. Like thermal insulation, soundproofing a space means structurally isolating it – separating the outside from the inside. There are any numbers of reasons why you may want to soundproof a room. You might require professional confidentiality – such […]