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Sound Control Electronics

Many different types of electronic devices are used throughout the acoustical industry for sound control, analysis, or inspection. In order to determine or provide the most effective noise control solution, a variety of electronic devices are available.

Testing and analysis devices are the first step in determining accurate noise levels. Once a diagnosis is made, a suitable system can be designed and installed. For temporary noise masking, we offer electronic devices that create the sound of white noise or work to block out background noise completely. Active noise reduction technology erases lower frequency sound waves by creating an out of phase wave to cancel the ambient noise. For example, a white noise machine ensures privacy through random sound to prevent accidental eavesdropping. Electronics, including noise cancelling headphones, are an easy, portable way to increase comfort and privacy.

We offer a diverse variety of options to test, analyze, block out, or mask unwanted sound. Some of our best-selling Electronics can be found above. Contact us today to learn more.