Introducing Ted, Our Acoustics Expert & Host of the Summer Sound Series

My name is Ted and I have been in the soundproofing and acoustics business for over 10 years. Throughout that time I’m proud to say that I have helped over 6,000 people purchase products to help or fix hundreds of different kinds of problems. If you can think of it, and it’s some kind of acoustical/soundproofing/noise problem, I’ve heard it.

My Background

I have a background and a degree in education but events of my life have since put me into the acoustics/soundproofing industry. I have also been an HVAC contractor/installer, bartender, substitute teacher, pizza delivery driver, plumber, irrigation installer/service technician, mechanic, racecar driver and co-driver, bag boy at a grocery store, file clerk at a law firm and a landscaper. Although I have a pretty well rounded employment background, I have spent more time in my current industry than all of the others combined.

So, Why Me?

Throughout the years, I have greatly benefited from combining my understanding of the physics and mechanics of how sound works with my educational background and experience. I have developed a relatively lengthy set of every-day-life analogies that do a “close-enough” job of explaining how and why certain ideas of soundproofing and acoustics work so that people without degrees in physics can understand the “why” and the “how” of acoustical treatment. Do I have a degree in acoustics and/or physics? No. Can I take a relatively complex physics-based idea and explain it to you in a way that you will probably be able to understand? Not always, but probably, if I have enough time to think about it.

My Approach

I really enjoy talking to people, listening and learning about acoustical/soundproofing challenges that they are facing and figuring out the best way to treat and/or fix the problem. I pride myself on my honesty and forthcoming nature. If I don’t have the right or best product to use to fix the problem I will quickly suggest product from a different source. I commonly suggest not only approaches that have proven successful in the past, but have talked to enough people and dealt with enough situations that I almost always suggest taking the easy and low-cost steps first and then stepping back to assess the situation. Further, more intrusive and more expensive steps can always be taken down the road if they are needed. I have found that photos of problematic situations and/or Google Maps or street-views of different situations can also be extremely beneficial.

The Summer Sound Series

So now that I’ve given you the complete rundown on my acoustical know-how and how I enjoy sharing it, you might be wondering, “So, what does this have to do with me?” Great question! One of the things that I really like about working for Acoustical Surfaces is that we have literally thousands of products to help solve almost every noise/sound/acoustics problem under the sun. However, if you don’t spend every day selling them, like I do, the sheer number can be a little bit overwhelming. So to make it much easier, I’ve come up with a list of some of the most common acoustical scenarios that customers ask about every summer, and I’m going to do a blog post around each one, which will be called the Summer Sound Series!

This is all about making it easier for YOU, so feel free to share, comment, or send me suggestions at

Keep an eye out for the first post later this week!


  1. Kaycee Avwomakpa

    Hi, I’m an alumni of the Institute of Audio research in NY. I have done quite a number of live sound installations without having the best acoustical treatments. I would like to talk to you more about a 40,000 seater temple that urgently needs an acoustic treatment. I am designing the new sound system for the temple so I need to fix the acoustic challenges before I move any further.


    • Ted W


      Thanks for the comment. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, it has been quite busy around here.

      Treating a 40,000 seat temple is going to be a bit more involved and have different requirements than a standard classroom or restaurant, but I would be absolutely happy to explore the approach-and-treatment options with you. Do you happen to have any plans and/or photos of the space? It would also be helpful to get an idea of the type of sound that will be present in the space (example – music, type of music, spoken word, etc.).

      Please feel free to get back to me with more information so we can discuss this further. Thanks,

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