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QFA Absorptive Quilted Curtains

front-side of Absorptive Curtains by Acoustical Surfaces. QFA – Absorptive Quilted Curtain

Absorptive Quilted Curtains

For a durable and effective solution for reducing noise in your next project, trust the Absorptive Quilted Curtains by Acoustical Surfaces. These curtains are durable, water and chemical-resistant, and are perfect for absorbing the noise from outdoor installations or in an industrial setting. To see more about this product, and to view product specs, read on below.

  • For Unusual Conditions
  • Cost-Effective
  • Water & Chemical Resistant
  • Exterior Grade Facings Available Here

PLEASE NOTE: These sound blocking blankets are designed and intended to ABSORB SOUND, if you need a product to BLOCK SOUND, Click here.

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Product Specs


2# PCF density fiberglass core, facings noted below


Quilted pattern


Effective and durable absorber.


These noise dampening curtains are an effective solution to a wide range of unusual problems. Machinery and work area enclosures.


Nominal 1”, 2”, 4"


Standard width of fiberglass is 48″ wide – panels are cut to size as needed.

Maximum Length

QFA-1 & QFA-3 – 50 feet
QFA-7 & QFA-10 – 25 feet
QFA-14 & QFA-20 – 25 feet


Gray, Tan, White, Black


Class A Fire Rated per ASTM E84


Hook and loop fasteners, grommet hangers, curtain spanport hardware.

Thermal "R" Rating

1″ Thick: R = 4; 2″ Thick: R = 8


QFA-1 – 1″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC Front/NPS Back Facings
QFA-3 – 1″ Thick Fiberglass – NPS on Both Sides
QFA-7 – 2″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC Front/NPS Back Facings
QFA-10 – 2″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC on Both Sides
QFA-14 – 4″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC Front/NPS Back Facings
QFA-20 – 4″ Thick Fiberglass – VCFC on Both Sides


Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Cloth (VCFC): Standard

-Breaking Strength (wrap and fill): 150lb./in. and 100lb./in
-Tear Strength (wrap and fill): 8lb. and 7lb. Respectively
-Continuous Service Temperature Limits: -20°F to 180°F
-Moisture Permeability: 0.5 Perms
-Color: Gray, White, Tan, Black (special colors available upon request)
-Other: Passes UL-181 Heat Aging Test

Nonwoven Porous Scrim (NPS): Backing

-Composition: 100% Nonwoven Nylon
-Fabric Weight: 0.7 oz. per Square Yard
-Tear Strength (wrap and fill): 6lb. and 5lb. Respectively
-Temperature Limit: Continuous Exposure to 400°F

Quilted Fiberglass Absorber – Noise Reduction Coefficient – ASTM C423