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Noise S.T.O.P. Soundproof Blanket

Noise Barrier/Sound Absorber Sound Blanket

BBC-EXT-R-2 Noise Barrier/Sound Absorber Sound Blankets

BBC-EXT-R-2 offers the benefits of both a noise barrier and a sound absorber composite in one product. This BBC exterior sound absorbing blanket consists of an exterior grade, UV resistant heavy-duty faced quilted fiberglass absorber bonded to a one-pound per sq. ft. reinforced loaded vinyl barrier. The heavy-duty facing is a 10 oz per sq yd vinyl-coated-polyester (VCP) quilted to the sound absorber rather than the standard 4.5 oz facing. Curtain outdoor soundproofing panels are constructed with grommets across the top and bottom and exterior grade Velcro seals along the vertical edges.

  • STC = 33
  • NRC = .75
  • Facing Colors on Quilt:
    Gray, Tan, Black or White
  • Barrier Colors:
    Gray, Tan, Olive or Blue

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Product Specs


Vinyl coated polyester facing on quilted fiberglass with 1 lb/sqft reinforced mass loaded vinyl barrier


The quilted exterior sound absorbing blanket is an effective and durable absorber with mass loaded vinyl barrier option.


Typically used as modular curtain panels in outdoor applications where high abuse resistance or excellent durability as well as maximum longevity and noise reduction is required. This outdoor soundproofing panel is also used as sliding acoustical doors, durable acoustical jacket on fans or valves, as well as a temporary noise barrier on outdoor construction projects.


1.45 lb/sf


BBC-EXT-R: Nominal 1”
BBC-EXT-R-2: Nominal 2”


Standard Width: 54″; Roll Length 25′ (Custom Sizes Available)


Facing Colors on Quilt – Gray, Tan, Black or White
Barrier Colors – Gray, Tan, or Blue


-20°F to +180°F

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Exterior Sound Blanket – Reinforced
Facing Color Options
Exterior Sound Blanket – Reinforced
Barrier Color Options
Exterior Sound Blanket – Reinforced
Exterior Sound Blanket – Reinforced
Sound Blanket – Sound Transmission Loss – ASTM E90 & E 413
Frequency 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4KHz STC
BBC-EXT-R-2 14 20 32 41 42 41 33
Sound Blanket – Sound Absorption Performance – ASTM C423
Frequency 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4KHz NRC
BBC-EXT-R-2 .45 .96 .87 .66 .47 .28 .75