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Acoustic Fiberglass Panels

New Dimensions Acoustical Wall Panels by Acoustical Surfaces New Dimensions Acoustical Wall Panels New Dimensions Acoustical Wall Panels

Acoustical Wall Panels by New Dimensions

New Dimensions Acoustic Fiberglass panels are designed for areas requiring excellent sound absorption with a ‘drywall’ look. The applications of these fiberglass acoustic panels include conference rooms, auditoriums, churches, recording studio, entryways, and other areas requiring both sound quality absorption, noise control and a high-quality custom-painted finish.

The core construction of these fiberglass acoustic wall panels is dimensionally stable glass fiberboard laminated with a molded glass fiber, all covered with a specially formulated fiberglass mat. The sound panel edges are protected with resin hardening. The acoustically transparent painted finish of these fiberglass panels completely covers the face and exposed edges.

New Dimensions sound panels utilize a fiberglass acoustic board core that is eligible to bear the Green Cross label for recycled content. The acoustical wall panel board is certified on average to contain at least 35% recycled glass, with 9% post-consumer and 26% pre-consumer content.

And for your LEED™ project, our fiberglass acoustic panels can help you qualify for recycled content points under the Materials and Resources section. Other LEED categories may also apply depending upon the project requirements.

  • Excellent Acoustic Sound Absorption
  • Finished Look
  • Fiberglass Core

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Product Specs


6-7 lb pcf fiberglass core laminated with 1/16” 16-20 lb pcf molded fiberglass with paintable facing


1″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″, and 4″ (Plus 1/16″ molded glass fiberboard.)


Custom up to 4’ x 10’

Edge Detail

Square (Standard)
Half-Beveled – Creates visible corner seam


Paintable white finish. Factory painted or field painted.


Z-Clips or Impaling Clips with Adhesive


Standard mountings include spot and perimeter adhesive, Z-clip, concealed splines, impaling clips, hook & loop, and magnetic fasteners.

Acoustical Performance

1” NRC - 0.90
2” NRC - 1.10

Fire Performance

Each component of the acoustical wall panel has been tested according to ASTM E 84 and has a Class A rating.


1″ – 4.1
1½″ – 6.2
2″ – 8.3
3″ – 12.5
4″ – 16.6

R-Value based on fiberglass core

Recycled Content

Fiberglass board core contains on average 35% recycled glass, with 9% post-consumer and 26% pre-consumer content.