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WHRK Neoprene Hangers For Furnaces & Air Handlers – Kit

WHRK Neoprene Hanger Kit

WHRK Neoprene Hangers are an inexpensive but effective method of reducing noise and minor vibration transmission for furnaces or air handlers.

WHRK neoprene rubber hanger kits come packaged with 4 WHR Hangers and installation instructions.

Neoprene Furnace or Air Handler Hanger

Product Testing & Information

WHRK Hangers
Type & SizeMax LoadRated DeflectionColor Mark
WHRK-40240 lbs0.20″Green
WHRK-50380 lbs0.20″Red
WHRK-60620 lbs0.20″White
WHRK-70880 lbs0.20″Yellow