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Curve Diffusor

Curve Diffusor sound absorbing solutions by Acoustical Surfaces The CURVE System™ – Acoustical Diffusers The CURVE System™ – Acoustical Diffusers The CURVE System™ – Acoustical Diffusers

Curve Diffusors are the most natural-sounding, accurate, and affordable improvement you can make to room acoustics. The Curve Diffusor’s innovative phase-coherent, constant-radius design, with built-in MLV membrane low-bass absorber, uniquely solves two acoustical issues: diffusing mid-high frequencies and controlling low frequency. It simplifies the creation of accurate acoustic spaces and adds a great high-design style.

Features & Benefits

  • Cylindrical (constant-radius) design is Phase-Coherent – provides much better soundfield imaging for stereo and surround
  • Accurate broadband diffusion – smooth diffusion pattern at any incident angle across 120 degrees from 300Hz to over 7KHz
  • Built in MLV Bass Trap membrane – works in combination with the CornerSorberTM to provide laboratory-proven low-frequency absorption from 45Hz to over 200Hz
  • Stackable in under-8-foot ceilings – 42” x 21” dimensions are perfect for any size room
  • Easy to mount vertically or horizontally using z-clips and built-in brackets for walls
  • Lab-tested and field-proven

How It Works

Product Testing & Information

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Product Specs


Wherever sound is important – recording, overdubbing & mixing studios; home theaters & music rooms; broadcast booths & control rooms; video studios & post-production suites; film stages & Foley/FX studios; churches; offices; meeting, conference & board rooms; rehearsal & performance spaces; concert halls; nightclubs; retail stores; bars & restaurants; coffee shops; classrooms & gymnasiums; museums & galleries


Small Diffusor: 5” x 14” x 42”
Medium Diffusor: 7” x 21” x 42”

Custom heights available


Floor stand legs (1 pair per Curve – includes attachment hardware)


Standard Fabric Facing: Guilford of Maine - Anchorage

Custom fabric and veneer facing options available, lead times will vary. Inquire for details.


Z-Clips or Optional Floor Standw

The CURVE System™ is a simple, accurate, and affordable way to achieve natural-sounding acoustics.

For more information on The Curve diffusor, visit Acoustic Geometry, or read our blog on the CURVE system, and how we have improved our products to help your next project.