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Garage Door Opener Soundproofing Kit

Garage Door Silencer by Acoustical Surfaces Garage Door Silencing Kit
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Soundproofing dropped ceilings

Garage door noise is something that is so present in most people’s lives that it isn’t an issue they think they can fix. Nobody likes being woken up by the rattling of a garage door, and Acoustical Surfaces has the materials to help you fix this problem and eliminate loud garage door sounds in your home. The RSIC-GDS Garage Door Opener Soundproofing Kit is installed above the machine in order to reduce the number of vibrations that go into the structure of your home and the room above. This helps to reduce the loud, sudden noise associated with opening and closing the garage door. Anyone who is disturbed by the noise of a garage door can benefit from a silencer including

  • People with bedrooms above the garage
  • Families with pets, particularly barking dogs
  • Families with newborns who are easily disturbed by loud noises
  • Anyone who wants a quieter home environment

Product Testing & Information

Garage Door Silencing Kit
Garage Door Silencing Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a garage door silencer work?

It is installed above the garage door opener. It functions by absorbing and dampening the vibrations that would otherwise transfer into the structure of your home, thereby reducing the noise produced when operating the garage door.

Is the garage door noise reduction kit easy to install?

Yes, the garage door silencer kit is easy to install. Acoustical Surfaces’ customers have reported being very satisfied with the simplicity of the installation process.

Will the garage door silencer affect the operation of my garage door?

No, the garage door silencer is designed to reduce noise and vibration without affecting the operation of your garage door. It is installed above the garage door opener and does not interfere with its function.

Can I use the garage door soundproofing kit on any garage door?

The garage door silencer is typically designed to work with most garage door openers. However, for specific compatibility queries, please see the Product Specifications & Installation Instructions.

What is the lifespan of a garage door vibration isolator kit?

The lifespan of a garage door silencer varies depending on the specific product and the frequency of use of the garage door. To ensure longevity, it’s recommended to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.

Will the garage door silencer quiet squeaky door hinges and rollers?

No, garage door hinges and rollers often squeak due to friction caused by metal parts rubbing against each other. While WD-40 is a popular choice, there are other lubricants available as well. Silicone spray lubricants, lithium grease, white grease, motor oil, and cooking oil can also be used to lubricate door hinges. Some people even dip the hinge pins in melted paraffin wax to stop the squeaking.

Garage Door Quiet Kit Testimonials

Compare The Difference

I just bought and installed two of your garage door vibration isolation kits and am very pleased with the results. They were easy to install, and provided great results. After installing the first two, I took a few minutes to record the difference between the two openers. The first is the sound without, and the second is with the kit. Both are recorded from the same location in our bedroom above the garage.

Thanks! Jay (South Burlington, VT)

Thanks For The Silence

We just moved into our new house and everything was great, but every time I left for work the noise and vibrations from our garage door opener would wake up our newborn. My wife was making me park my car outside because she didn’t want him disturbed. A friend of mine recommended that I buy the Garage Door Silencer kit to reduce the noise. After I installed them, which was much easier than I thought it would be, we were amazed by how much they reduced the noise. It’s hard to believe that those two small clips absorb so much noise. My wife is much happier now that our baby isn’t disturbed by the garage door opener and I can now park in the garage again.

Thanks for the silence. – Dr. Rich C. (Tualatin, OR)

Your garage door quieting kit works great.

I’ve passed your info on to neighbors in our town home community. You can hardly hear our door open or close any more!

Thanks, Chuck C.