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Mini Noise Reduction Headphones
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Forget The Noisy Part of Traveling

The AKG K 28 NC active noise reduction headphones turn every trip by plane, train, or bus into a relaxed listening session. An integrated active noise reduction filter reduces noise-related stress to a minimum: for fatigue-free, restful traveling.

The AKG K 28 NC active noise reduction headphones provide excellent comfort and, thanks to the unique 3D-Axis folding mechanism, takes up almost no space in your traveling bag.

Product Features:

  • Integrated Active Noise Reduction
  • Airplane and Stereo Adapter Included
  • 3D-Axis (Unique Folding Mechanism)
  • Approximately 40 Hours Playing Time With Low Battery Warning
  • Belt Clip For Convenient Storage
  • Carrying Bag Included
  • Closed-Back Type
  • Can Be Used With Other Devices Such As CD Players or MP3 Players

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