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acoustical sound absorbing curtain by Acoustical Surfaces
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Sound Absorbing Drapery

  • High-Quality Construction
  • PFR or IFR Face Layer & Lining Fabrics
  • Excellent Sound Absorption
  • Wool Core – Absorbs, Filters & Breaks Down Harmful VOC’s From The Air
  • Reflects Thermal Energy
  • Custom Designed For Any Application
  • Variety of Fabric Options

The Acousti-Curtain is a revolutionary new product tailored to give superior sound reduction and noise control features. Sound absorbing drapery primarily designed to absorb more external noise and sound wave vibrations than standard decorative curtains. These noise reduction curtains are made with sound-absorbing material and are ideally used where control of acoustic reflection off of glass and ambient light control is required. These acoustical curtains feature a core material of naturally fire-resistant wool fabric that is sandwiched between a decorative fabric and a blackout liner. Soundproof curtains, which also come in the form of stage curtains or industrial curtain walls, are effective sound barrier walls against loud noise or outside noise.

These noise-reducing curtains’ wool core material has also been shown to continuously filter harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the air. The best soundproof curtains will not only control unwanted noise pollution but also reflect thermal energy and block light when drawn across a window or doorway. The soundproofing curtain is custom designed to fit and match your interior design specifications. Please call for a quote.

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Note: The Acousti-Curtain sound absorbing fabric curtain does not block sound transmission and should not be used as a noise barrier.

Product Testing & Information

  • Product Data Sheet
  • CSI Specifications
  • Sound Absorption Test NRC
  • Order Form
  • Tech Sheet
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  • Home Theaters and Other Residential Spaces
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Retail Spaces
  • Office Spaces


  • Wide Variety of Face Layer & Lining Fabrics Available with Acoustic Curtains (See Below)

Sizes & Options:

  • Custom Designed for Your Application. Heights up to 180”; Custom Widths (Vertical Seams Every 60” Due to Fabric Dimensions
  • Standard Drapes Feature Large Grommets – 1-5/8″ Diameter  – For Hanging
  • Other Mounting Options May Be Available Upon Request
Anchorage Color Swatches for Acousti-Curtain

Facing Fabric
Anchorage Fabric (Click to see all colors of sound-absorbing fabric)
37 Colors

Acousti-Curtain™ Sound Absorbing Drapery
Lining Fabric
Acousti-Curtain™ Sound Absorbing Drapery
Lining Fabric

Header Styles

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Acousti-Curtain™ Sound Absorbing Drapery
Acousti-Curtain™ Sound Absorbing Drapery
Pleated with Hooks
Acousti-Curtain™ Sound Absorbing Drapery
Rod Pocket with Hook & Loop
Acousti-Curtain™ Sound Absorbing Drapery
Tab Top
Acousti-Curtain™ Sound Absorbing Drapery
Back of Pleated with Hooks
Acousti-Curtain™ Sound Absorbing Drapery
Back of Rod Pocket with Hook & Loop