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Acousti Banners by Acoustical Surfaces in a Restaurant Acousti-Banners

Acousti-Banners are high performing acoustical ceiling banners ideal for large open spaces. Made with a fiberglass core wrapped with PVC, nylon sailcloth, or fabric facing these acoustical banners are both durable and can achieve an NRC rating of up to 1.15. Available in 2” or 4” thickness and custom sized to meet your needs up to 4’ x 25’. Acousti-Banners can be easily installed in a variety of ways on ceilings.

  • High Performance Acoustic Ceiling Banners
  • Durable

Explore below for more product specs and costs for Acousti-Banners. See all of our products by exploring the Acoustical Surfaces website.

Product Testing & Information

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0.75 – 1.65lb pcf fiberglass core


Large open spaces


2″ or 4″


Custom up to 4’ x 25’

Acoustical Performance

2″ NRC Rating: 0.95 – 1.10
4” NRC Rating: 1.00 – 1.15
NRC ratings based on available tests and vary based on fiberglass core density, facing material, and installation method.


Nrc Rating

2″ – .85-.90; 4″ – 1.00-1.15


Class A per ASTM E84