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The 26th annual conference of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, NOISE-CON 2010 ran concurrently with the 159th Meeting of the Acoustical Society in Baltamore, Maryland.

Noisy Restaurant

“We are looking for some panels for an existing restaurant with hard floors, walls and ceiling.” The question is simple, but the answer may be lengthy fairly variable depending on the budget for the project and the aesthetic that you need to maintain […]

USGBC 2010 Natural Talent Design Competition : Small, Green, Affordable

Final registration (5/31/2010) and project submission deadline for USGBC 2010 Natural Talent Design Competition: Small, Green, Affordable. The Salvation Army has teamed up with the U.S. Green Building Council for this year’s competition. The competition challenges entrants to design an affordable, 800 square foot green home for an elderly client in New Orleans. The Salvation […]

Going Green May Reduce Your Taxes

4/5/2010 EPA issues a Going Green Tax Tip: IRS Tax Tip 2010-66 When you invest in energy-efficient products, you may be saving money on both your energy bills and your tax return. The Internal Revenue Service wants you to know about these six energy-related tax credits created or expanded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment […]

Newer Homes May Be Affected By Toxic Drywall

Up to 60,000 homes in the US may be affected by allegedly toxic drywall that was installed from 2001 thru 2006. The drywall was imported from China during the housing bubble to handle demand. The drywall releases gases that can corrode metals in a home, including copper gas and water pipes, copper wiring, air conditioning […]

Training Room Echo Problem

“We have a new training room that has the following dimensions: 8′ High, 40′ Long, & 18′ Wide. The walls are dry wall, the ceiling has the typical tiles, and the floor is concrete covered by thin vinyl tiles. Also, one 40′ long wall has a white board all the way across it. The echoes are quite awful in this room. What would you recommend doing to reduce the noise?” Taking care of the echo in the room is actually quite simple, but there are a few options […]

Attention Renovators: EPA Will Require Additional Training

An EPA protection order that goes into affect April 22, 2010, will require additional training for contractors that perform maintenance, renovation, or repair of child care establishments and homes built before1978. The order states: Beginning April 22, 2010, no paid job can disturb painted surfaces in pre-1978 homes or child care facilities unless (1) the […]

January Construction Employment Numbers Released

January employment numbers are released, showing construction related unemployment has soared to 25%. This is up from the same time a year ago at 18% and two years ago at 9%. Construction projects as a whole are down, but there has been a slight increase in residential project starts.