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Soundproof Doors

A soundproof room is only as good as its components. If the door does not meet the same acoustical requirements as the rest of the room, then sound will easily pass through it to adjoining spaces. When fitted with the right door and sealing systems, noise will be contained and controlled.

Soundproof interior and exterior acoustic doors are an ideal cost-effective solution for recording studios, hotels, music rooms, conference rooms, or any space that needs to be soundproof. Our pre-hung acoustic doors feature multilayer construction in a variety of wood options suitable for indoor applications or metal for exterior use. If the door itself is not a problem, it could be that sound is leaking through the space between the door and the jamb. To solve this problem, we supply a full line of soundproof door seal kits and other products to keep noise contained. These standard and adjustable door seals are economical and easy to install.

Door Soundproofing Products


Studio 3D doors


Heavy Duty Door seal Kits


Standard Door Seal Kits


Adjustable Jamb Seals


Magnetic Astragal

Secure Silence: Advanced Acoustic Door Solutions

Perfect your space with Acoustical Surfaces' soundproof doors for studios, hotels, and conference rooms. Our acoustic doors and seal kits ensure peace in any environment.

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Studio 3D Doors

Studio 3D Doors: Meticulously engineered as soundproof doors, providing an optimal solution for blocking unwanted noise from transferring through interior doors and ensuring a peaceful environment. These acoustic wood doors are perfect for recording studios, where sound insulation is crucial. The solid core door construction effectively prevents noise transmission, making them an ideal choice for any space where sound quality is paramount.

Soundproof Door Kits

Heavy Duty Door Seal Kits: Designed to enhance the soundproofing of your doors, providing an effective barrier against external noise and noise pollution. These kits include a door sweep and an automatic door bottom, which work together to create a tight seal that prevents noise from entering or escaping. The materials used in these kits are of high quality, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Standard Door Seal Kits: Offer a cost-effective solution for improving the soundproofing of your doors. These kits include a door sweep and other essential components that work together to block out unwanted noise and enhance the acoustic insulation of your space. The materials used in these kits are top-notch, ensuring that they will stand the test of time.

Adjustable Jamb Seals: Designed to provide a customizable solution for your soundproofing needs. These seals can be adjusted to fit the specific dimensions of your door frame, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum soundproofing against unwanted noise. The materials used in these seals are durable and long-lasting, providing you with a reliable solution for your soundproofing needs.

Magnetic Astragal: An innovative solution for soundproofing your doors. This product utilizes a magnetic strip to create a tight seal around your door, preventing sound from entering or escaping. The Magnetic Astragal is easy to install and is an effective way to improve the soundproofing of your doors, making it an excellent choice for apartment doors, exterior doors, and sliding glass doors alike.

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