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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles & Other Soundproofing Techniques for Healthcare Environments

Healthcare settings are often full of activity and bustling with people at all hours of the day and night. A good hospital noise reduction system brings relief and calm to patients during their visits or convalescence. We offer various products like hospital ceiling tiles to reduce sound pressure in healthcare environments and make patient stays more comfortable.

Healthcare Soundproofing Products

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White Noise Machine

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PolyMax Panels

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Door Seal Kits

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Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Panels

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Sound Silencer Panels

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Ultra-San Panels and Ceiling Tiles

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Enhance Patient Care: Soundproofing for Health Environments

Acoustical Surfaces' acoustic solutions for healthcare, from ceiling tiles to sound curtains, create calm spaces for patients and staff, improving comfort and privacy.

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Acoustical Surfaces are the experts at noise reduction in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare environments. Our soundproofing and noise control products are ideal for reducing reverberation in patient rooms and common areas, as well as insulating noise between patient rooms, exam rooms, and consultation rooms.

Ways to Acoustically Treat Hospitals & Other Healthcare Rooms

Create a peaceful and comfortable environment in hospital rooms, nursing stations, and waiting rooms with our soundproofing and acoustic treatment solutions.

  • Install hospital ceiling tiles specifically designed to reduce noise and improve acoustics, helping to create a calm atmosphere for patients and staff.
  • Ceiling tile suspension systems provide a secure and efficient installation method, ensuring optimal soundproofing performance in healthcare settings.
  • Enhance sound control and reduce reverberation with our high-quality sound-absorbing panels, effectively minimizing unwanted noise and creating a more peaceful environment.
  • Sound curtains provide an additional layer of sound insulation, blocking out external noise and enhancing privacy in hospital rooms and waiting areas.
  • Incorporate white noise machines to mask and reduce the intelligibility of conversations, maintaining patient privacy and promoting a restful environment.

Our soundproofing and acoustic treatment solutions are carefully designed to meet your needs by combining functionality with aesthetics. Improve patient comfort, support staff productivity, and create a soothing atmosphere with our comprehensive range of products tailored for healthcare environments.

We have been providing hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices with high-quality noise control products for years. Trust our expertise in soundproofing and acoustics to transform entrances, hallways, nursing stations, waiting areas and other high traffic areas into peaceful and welcoming spaces for patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals.

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