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Sound-Micro Soundproof Enclosure

Cooling Tower Enclosure Sound-Micro Noise Enclosures Sound-Micro Noise Enclosures

Soundproof Enclosures

  • Acoustically custom tuned for your noise problem
  • Enclose or isolate noisy equipment or operations
  • Enclose or isolate personnel, operators and technicians
  • Create controlled test and measurement environments


  • Machine & sound Enclosures
  • Quiet Rooms
  • Sound Booths
  • Control Rooms
  • Soundproof Partitions
  • Noise Barriers
  • Factory Offices
  • OC rooms
  • Power Plant Offices
  • Generator Enclosures
  • Outdoor Noise Barriers
  • Printing Press Enclosures
  • Factory Pre-assembled Structures
  • Product Testing Chambers
  • Dynanometer Test Cells
  • RFI Shielding
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Marine Applications

Product Testing & Information

  • Product Specification
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Sound-Micro Modular Acoustical Panels

Our Sound-Micro product line of industrial sound enclosures consists of pre-engineered, modular acoustical components…building blocks…that can be configured and assembled into a wide variety of soundproof enclosures used to control and reduce excessive noise in industrial, commercial, institutional and community environments. Creating rugged free-standing industrial sound enclosures that acoustically enclose or isolate equipment, operations, or personnel often becomes a simple matter of choosing components and specifying sizes and dimensions. The Sound-Micro soundproof enclosure is not just an integrated system of panels, doors, windows, and ventilation – but can include anything your unique application demands – such as EMI/RFI and X-ray shielding, lighting & electrical systems, impact resistance, and more.

Sound-Micro Noise Enclosures
Sound-Micro™ Reverberation Time
Sound-Micro Noise Enclosures
Sound-Micro™ NRC Chart

Acoustical Engineering Services

Noise Control Products

Solutions can take the form of industrial sound enclosures, barriers, partitions and rooms designed from a full array of product lines specific to your noise problem.

Sound-Micro Noise Enclosures

Pre-Assembled Structures

ASI pre-assembled soundproof enclosures take the uncertainty out of installation schedules, minimize downtime and expense, and can guarantee levels of mechanical, structural and acoustical performance difficult or impossible to deliver with modular field-erected solutions. Applications for these industrial sound enclosures include Operator Control Rooms, Pulpits, Crane Cabs, Mechanical/Electrical Equipment Housings, Computer Rooms, Quiet Rooms, and many more.

Sales Engineering

ASI offers comprehensive sales engineering services which include noise measurement & analysis as required to develop the most cost-effective solution to our customer’s noise control projects. All of our direct sales engineers and managers are experts in noise control solution design and have broad based field experience.

Design & System Engineering

Sales engineering concepts and recommendations are turned into hardware & product designs by our staff. Utilizing the latest CAD technology we produce drawings ranging from preliminary proposal drawings, detailed submittal drawings for customer approval to assembly & manufacturing details and bills of material. Our range of engineering disciplines include acoustics, mechanical, and structural.

Product Manufacturing

Manufacturing details and bills of material created by our design team are turned into a wide range of standard and custom products and components by our manufacturing group. Our complete metal fabricating operation is geared towards the production of our line of state-of-the-art Sound-Micro modular and pre-assembled soundproof enclosures. In addition, we also maintain a “soft goods” fabricating department for the production of our quilted curtain systems and other non-metallic acoustical products like industrial sound enclosures.

Sound-Micro Noise Enclosures
Close-up of Micro-perfortaion on Sound-Micro
Sound-Micro Noise Enclosures
Sound-Micro’s Micro-perforated Surface

Project Management & Installation

With our network of experienced installation partners & contractors along with our in-house project management team, ASI can offer a professional site management team and professional site erection & installation of any type of product or system we manufacture. Our ability to perform this type of field work in a timely, professional and equally cost-effective manner is unequalled in our industry. For a truly turnkey noise control solution, turn to ASI.

Sound-Micro Noise Enclosures

Acoustical Test & Measurement Cells

ASI engineered test chambers provide specific, controlled acoustical environments for performing accurate and repeatable testing of many types – everything from table top chambers to small vehicle test rooms.