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30N 30° Swing Hangers

30 Degree Double Deflection Swing Hanger

With Double Deflection Neoprene Element

Type 30N Spring Hangers feature a lower rod that can swing up to 30° for ease in installation to compensate for misalignment. Spring and neoprene element in conjunction remove high and low frequency noise. High Deflection Spring Hangers provide far greater vibration control than the lower deflection neoprene hangers. Each powder coated steel spring is in series with a neoprene cup, providing excellent isolation efficiency. The 30N isolation hanger serves to isolate a broad range of disturbing vibration frequencies, while the rubber cup is a high frequency or noise break. All box type spring hangers are available pre compressed from the factory with a scale for adjusting spring tension. They are similar to SLR restrained mounts in that they can be adjusted to limit vertical movement caused by weight changes during system start up, maintenance and seismic events. 30N isolation hangers are also available with eyebolts top and bottom.

Product Testing & Information

30N 1″ Deflection 30° Spring Hangers
Type & SizeRated CapacityRated DeflectionMount ConstantSpring Color/StripeDimensions
30N-X-1212 lbs1.45″10 lbs/inOrange2-1/2″5-1/2″2-7/8″3-1/4″3/8″1-3/4″
30N-X-2323 lbs1.50″18 lbs/inBrown
30N-X-3333 lbs1.30″30 lbs/inRed
30N-X-5454 lbs1.40″45 lbs/inWhite
30N-X-7676 lbs1.22″73 lbs/inBlack
30N-X-113113 lbs1.20″113 lbs/inYellow
30N-X-130130 lbs1.20″130 lbs/inPurple
30N-X-175175 lbs1.20″175 lbs/inSilver
30N-X-210210 lbs1.20″210 lbs/inBlue
30N-A-1212 lbs1.35″12 lbs/inRed2-3/4″6-3/4″3-1/4″3-1/4″5/8″2-1/4″
30N-A-1818 lbs1.35″18 lbs/inGray
30N-A-2525 lbs1.35″25 lbs/inOrange
30N-A-4141 lbs1.53″35 lbs/inPink2-3/4″6-3/4″3-1/4″3-5/8″5/8″2-1/4″
30N-A-5656 lbs1.49″49 lbs/inBlack
30N-A-7373 lbs1.41″69 lbs/inTan
30N-A-9595 lbs1.36″94 lbs/inGreen
30N-B-138138 lbs1.67″105 lbs/inWhite4″6-3/4″4-3/4″3-3/4″5/8″2-1/4″
30N-B-222222 lbs1.51″191 lbs/inBlue
30N-B-278278 lbs1.44″255 lbs/inPurple
30N-B-336336 lbs1.35″336 lbs/inSilver
30N-B-410410 lbs1.42″385 lbs/inBlack
30N-B-540540 lbs1.35″540 lbs/inYellow
3/4″ Minimum Deflection