InsulGreen™ - Cellulose Batt Insulation

Recycled Cellulose 3.5″ and 5.5″ Batt Insulation

InsulGreen Batt Insulation offers an easy-to-install, greener option for insulating residential and commercial buildings without sacrificing performance. These panels are an eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass and synthetic acoustical and thermal batt insulation, and unlike competitors, they do not produce any harmful airborne residue or irritate the skin. InsulGreen has a Class A fire rating and is treated with an EPA-registered fungicide to prevent unwanted fungal growth.

  • Made from recycled and renewable fibers
  • Minimum 70% recycled fibers
  • Fast and simple friction fit installation
  • Convenient 16″ and 24″ widths for typical stud assemblies
  • Easy to cut for hard fit hard to insulate areas
  • High R-Value Performance
  • No harmful airborne particles. Does not itch or irritate skin
  • Product Specs


    Commonly installed in sidewalls of commerical and residential buildings. InsulGreen can also be installed in rim joists, attics, floors, or other hard to insulate areas.

    Material Composition

    Recycled cellulose fiber


    3-1/2" - R13
    5-1/2" - R20


    Standard Size
    16" x 96"
    24" x 96"

    Installation Method

    Friction Fit

  • Acoustical Specs

    STC 50 rating when used in a steel stud assembly consisting of: single steel studs 24″ o.c.; single layer 5/8″ type “x” gypsum board each side; InsulGreen 3-1/2″ thick batt.

  • Material Performance

    Fire Performance

    Class A Fire Rated per ASTM E84
    Critical radiant flux greater than or equal to 0.12w/cm² per ASTM E970


    3-1/2" - R13
    5-1/2" - R20


    Passes ASTM C739 for corrossiveness, moisture absorption, and fungal resistance