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Painted Nubby Fiberglass Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Fiberglass Acoustic Soundproofing Ceiling Tile Add high-performing acoustical solutions to your next project in a simple, easy-to-install way. Painted Nubby Vinyl or Fiberglass Acoustical Ceiling Tiles by Acoustical Surfaces provide durable, lightweight, high-performance acoustic ceiling solutions that can be easily installed into a T-grid ceiling. Reduce noise and increase soundproofing today with this product by […]

QuietStone™ Acoustical Ceiling and Wall Tiles – Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Solutions QuietStone Ceiling and Wall Tiles are made from 100% recycled glass, sintered to form rigid, lightweight, and porous sound absorbers. QuietStone recycled glass ceiling and wall tiles have exceptional acoustical properties and are easy to install indoors or outdoors. Make sure that your next project has the proper […]

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Class A Fire Retardant No Fiberglass – Non-Fibrous Moisture Resistant – Indoor-Outdoor Impact Resistant Lightweight Sound Absorbing Ceiling Tiles Low VOC Emissions – Passes CDPH V1.2 Test Standard and can contribute to LEED V4.1 EQ Credit: Low-Emitting Materials When soundproofing is essential for noise and sound control, Sound Silencer™ sound absorption ceilings and acoustical […]

ACO-U-STICK™ Acoustical Wall Tile

The Do-It-Yourself Acoustical Wall Tile ACO-U-STICK™ DIY acoustic wall panels are the easiest and most cost-effective way to add effective sound absorption to any area. These mini-panels are a great solution for reducing echo and loud sounds in gymnasiums, auditoriums, studios, hallways, basements, churches, offices, and more. These easy-to-install panels come with everything you need […]

How to Soundproof a Ceiling in Large Venues

Soundproofing a ceiling is a much more involved process than people might first think; one can’t simply install acoustic foam panels, acoustic ceiling tiles, or other types of sound absorbing panels, baffles or clouds and call it a day if you want or need to block the sound from either entering or leaving the space. […]

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Acoustic Ceiling?

An acoustic ceiling can be one of the most effective ways to add acoustical treatment to a commercial space because it allows you to evenly distribute product over the room’s entire area. With the proper sound absorption ceiling tiles or direct-mounted panels, you can effectively manage the noise levels inside the space based on the […]

Sound Masking vs. Noise Treatments

Organizations managing public or commercial spaces have started using sound masking technologies to create better acoustics within their spaces. What is sound masking? It’s a technology designed to create a comfortable, productive, and private acoustical atmosphere by generating barely perceptible ambient noise within a specific area. Unlike traditional sound treatments that physically prevent noise from […]

Ceiling Acoustic Treatment: Retrofitting Large Ceiling Acoustics

Acoustics play a huge role in the ambiance of a room. In commercial spaces like restaurants, bars, and retail settings, sound quality can make events more enjoyable, help set the tone of an establishment, and even affect a customer’s mood.  But most structures don’t come with perfect acoustics built in. So instead, businesses must investigate […]

Your 101 Guide on How to Hang Acoustic Panels in Large Spaces

Acoustic panels are an excellent way to balance acoustics and improve the sound quality of large spaces. They can be used as a ceiling acoustic treatment to reduce aural imperfections like reverberation and resonance and increase speech intelligibility. They can also be used as an aesthetic solution that can also amp up your interior decorating […]

What are Fiberglass Acoustic Panels?

When you’re looking to improve the acoustics in any space, whether at home or work, the go-to solution is the acoustic panel. It’s versatile, It looks great, and it does a great job of absorbing sound waves. There are a lot of different types of acoustic panels out there, and the type that’s best for […]