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How to Soundproof a Counseling Office

Counseling can be a godsend. Having someone who allows us to vent, reflect, and examine our lives has changed the lives of millions of people. When we see counselors, we have certain expectations of privacy. If we walk into a counseling office and hear other people’s sessions through the waiting room walls, we may think […]

Soundproofing A Room Without Damaging Walls

Life can get a little noisy, but we’re not always prepared for it. If you’re building a recording studio or live music club, you know what you’re in for ahead of time. You can construct your walls to handle the noise. But what if your kid gets a guitar or drum kit for his or […]

Acoustic Underlay for Optimal Noise Reduction

Curious about how to soundproof a floor? If you’re considering installing new flooring in your home, you’ve likely learned floor underlayments are a critical part of the flooring structure. We use underlayment for floors to reduce the appearance of any minor imperfections in the subfloor, slightly soften the impact of footsteps, and help reduce the […]

How to Soundproof HVAC Systems

The HVAC systems in our homes and offices are essential pieces of keeping us comfortable. Prior to the advent of HVAC systems, our only options were burning fires in the winter and hoping for a nice breeze to blow through our open windows in the summer. With as much comfort as they provide, a noisy […]

The Uses and Benefits of Echo Eliminator in Schools

Classrooms are full of unforgettable sounds: a certain science TV show theme song, children laughing or shouting excitedly when they know the answer to a question, teachers reading a book or explaining a tough mathematical concept, and of course the blissful sound of a recorder being played for the first time. These sounds are common […]

Lobby Noise Reduced

Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels Hi Geoffrey, The acoustical panels were installed and the amount of noise reduction in our lobby is significant! Before the panels talking and the noise level would be deafening due to the tile and wood surfaces in the lobby. With the installation of the acoustical panels, we had 40+ people in […]

Charter School

DANGEROUS Noise Levels REDUCED at Charter School! Back in 2012, the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of the “Growing Up Green Charter School” in New York City decided to try to tackle a noise problem that was bothering students, staff, and all visiting our school—and that was the painful noise in our cafeteria. Our school rents […]

Hebon ND Facility

Echo Eliminator Solves BIG Reverberation Problem in Hebron ND Facility! Ted, I wanted to thank you again for all your help and insight related to our acoustic tile installation for the City of Hebron, ND. I figured that an overview of how this all came to fruition would be in order. To start, I was […]

Lil Explorers Child Care

Childcare Acoustical Treatment: If you walk into any childcare facility across the country, you are guaranteed to experience three things: Kids, noise, and germs. We suggest repeatedly washing your hands to battle the germs and take deep breaths and exegesis patience to enjoy the company of the kids, and either use earplugs or acoustical panels […]

Customized Car

Testimonial for Noise S.T.O.P. Echo Eliminator™ Bonded Acoustical Cotton, and Duct V-Max Vibration Damper Used on a Customized Dodge Sprinter Van To Whom It May Concern: “Being a polymer and materials scientist I’m familiar with the properties of synthetic industrial fibers and textiles. For the last decade, my research has focused on understanding biomimicry and […]