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Quieting a Noisy Restaurant

Almost all restaurants, even fast food restaurants, are set up an furnished in relation to the menu. The surfaces that make up the interior of the restaurants do not only need to maintain a certain aesthetic, but they need to be cleanable to maintain a sanitary environment, it is very rare to very much see carpet and carpet pad in a restaurant. This is where the acoustical problems start […]

Kennel/Animal Hospital Soundproofing

I take about three to four calls a month from people who are looking to soundproof or acoustically treat a kennel, boarding room, or animal hospital. I have provided a few different products to approach and fix the noise problem in a few different ways. Typically kennels or boarding facilities are set up very similarly which revolves almost specifically around function and clean-ability […]

Computer Lab Acoustics

Computer lab acoustics are always interesting, and almost always a problem. My first semester of college was back when computers were new, and kids carried around 5 1/2″ floppy disks that could hold about five words each. The school that I attended converted an old gymnasium into a computer lab, and named it “The Bee Hive” because of the constant hum and buzz of the old machines. You could almost feel the energy of the noise when you entered the building. Since then, computer labs are a little different, but still amazingly the same […]

Soundproofing an Office

We receive a lot of calls and E-mails from people that experience a significant amount of sound transmission from one office to another. It seems to be a problem that haunts thousands of office buildings across the country. Very commonly, people ask how to treat the common wall which is not always the problem. This surprises a lot of people. They think that sound proofing the office has to be done with a wall treatment, but in most cases, it is the ceiling that is the weak spot. The most important thing about sound and sound proofing to keep in mind is that the noise ALWAYS follow the path of least resistance. The sound is going to find the “weak spot” in the room and leak directly from that spot. With that in mind, it is time to track down the path or paths of least resistance […]

How many Acoustic Panels do I need?

Over the years, I have put together a simple equation that I have had plenty of success with. This equation is used to “take the edge off” of a room and make it much more usable.