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Portable Acoustical Enclosures and Screens

Portable Acoustical Enclosures and Screens Quilted Curtain S.T.O.P. portable acoustical enclosures and screens create an acoustic barrier for noise reduction wherever you need it. This cost-effective and versatile solution is water and chemical-resistant for whatever situation arises. Utilize these quilted covers for commercial machinery applications or to create an impromptu room for interviewing or quiet. […]

Silicone Curtains

Absorptive/Noise Barrier Quilted Curtains For durable outdoor Soundproofing solutions, trust the Silicone Quilted Noise S.T.O.P. curtains by Acoustical Surfaces. These quilted fiberglass core curtains are malleable, making them a versatile and varied soundproofing solution. These curtains are perfect for work area enclosures to reduce noise from machinery. Plus, with the silicone coating, these curtains are […]

Fabric Wrapped Panel Photos

Fabric-Wrapped Panels on Wall in Classroom Fabric-Wrapped Hanging Baffles in Geico Cafeteria Fabric-Wrapped Panels on Ceiling in Restaurant Fabric-Wrapped Panels in Workout Room

Retrofitting A Noisy Classroom

The most important task in correcting a poorly-performing listening environment is identifying the nature of the problem. Noise can be controlled at its source, along its path, or at the receiver; for classrooms, only the first two choices are available, since the receiver choice implies earplugs. Most remedial work will occur along the sound path, […]

A Checklist for Classroom Acoustics

Although adult listeners can’t really model the true difficulty of the listening task for children – kids who are just learning language and reading skills need higher speech intelligibility values than do adults – parents who are concerned about the environment their children are learning in can take some simple steps to determine if a classroom may […]

Counting the Costs of Noisy vs. Quiet Classrooms

Only 10% of a school system budget is expended on school facility design and construction. These are capital costs, one-time expenditures for a facility with a lifetime of thirty or more years during which time the school will serve thousands of students with a wide range of needs. The remaining 90% of the school system […]

Will Our New Classrooms Meet The Standard?

When your school system is planning a new school, ask to brief the building committee on the importance of good classroom acoustics. Share resource materials and research findings and show the short video developed by the Access Board. Demonstrate that achieving good acoustics is most cost-effective in new construction (see Listening for Learning 3: Counting the […]

A Crash Course In Classroom Acoustics

Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask Where to begin! Evaluating a classroom or for that matter any other space, need not be as intimidating as most people would suspect, but a few hints and guidelines won’t hurt. If poor acoustics and excessive background noise in the classroom can interfere with speech […]

Noisy Residential Spaces

Excessive Reberberation With increasing frequency apartment, condominium and townhouse dwellers are complaining about the noise generated within their dwelling units. Increasing use of hard floor surfaces and high vaulted ceilings are a major contribution to this phenomenon. Sounds generated in a space that are allowed to go unabated through the use of sound absorbing materials […]

Noisy Neighbors

Noisy Upstairs Neighbors One of the increasingly frequent complaints by apartment, town home, and condo dwellers is unwanted noise from loud upstairs neighbors in the unit above. The noise intrusion can be characterized as either impact noise or airborne noise and too frequently, both. Impact noise can be defined as the impact of footfalls or […]