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Fellowship Hall Acoustics – Echo control

” I need help at our church. We have a fellowship building that is 30ft wide x 50ft long and a wood A-frame vault ceiling that is 14.5ft from top to floor (ceramic tile). The noise level is unbearable. What do you recommend we do to help control the noise?” Controlling that echo and improving the sound quality is actually not that daunting of a task, thankfully. Basically, we just have to “soften” up enough of the surface area of the room with a wall or ceiling treatment […]

How to Improve the Sound in Your Home

There are very few products out there that will still maintain the look of a sheet rock ceiling while absorbing a good amount of sound and those are going to have their limitations. If we need to absorb the echo and reverberation in a room, we need to soften up the surfaces in that room which is done by putting product on the walls or the ceiling […]

Social Hall Echo Problem

“We have a 40′ x20′ function hall with a 40′ peaked ceiling and a tiled floor. The echo is huge. I thought that by putting 3 panels on each end we could reduce the echo a little bit but it’s entirely possible that we could spend all that money and not get any real results. At this point, I’m not sure what to do.” I would feel very comfortable stating that unless the six panels did not make an audible difference AT ALL in a room that THAT’S big. I have been asked enough times “How many panels do I need”, that I have come up with a very quick and easy, yet surprisingly effective way to answer that question […]

School Cafeteria Acoustics

Cafeterias are generally extremely loud places, so the situation is quite normal. Stuff a bunch of kids into a concrete room and even though they’re supposed to be filling their mouths, the noise level will be ear splitting. These cafeterias are almost always made out of vinyl tile flooring and painted concrete block walls, both extremely reflective surfaces. Noisy kids plus reflective surfaces equals headaches […]

TV Studio Acoustical Treatment

I get calls every now and then from people or companies that are researching acoustical panels for a TV or media studio of some kind. My most high-profile treatment to date is the set for the TV show The Biggest Loser, but unfortunately I don’t think they can be seen in any of the shots […]

Livingroom Echo Problem – Residential Acoustics Problems

“I have a Great room in my house that has a 12′ ceiling and as a result there is a lot of echo from the TV, stereo, or just conversation.” Residential acoustics are difficult because of the aesthetic that one needs to maintain […]

Psychologist Office Sound Problem

The problem of the sound transmission issue is unfortunately a very common problem. I get calls all the time from people in similar situations who are looking for products to help stop sound traveling from one office or exam room to the other. Confidentiality and patient privacy is extremely important. Many people call me looking for a product to put on the wall, and because I have helped so many people, I start the conversation by asking three main questions […]

Public Corridor Echo Problem

“I am writing to find out your suggestions on how to reduce an echo problem that exists in a mall office public corridor. We are experiencing a big problem with echoes in the mall office public corridor. The office corridor is 138′ long by 8′ wide by 10′ tall. The flooring consist of quarry tile and the walls and ceiling are a drywall painted finish.” Most of the rooms that I am asked to help treat have much different dimensions – most are square or rectangular – much more so than this giant corridor. I would absolutely love to get some panels into the space to see how the number and placement of panels affects the acoustic of the room […]

Quieting a Noisy Restaurant

Almost all restaurants, even fast food restaurants, are set up an furnished in relation to the menu. The surfaces that make up the interior of the restaurants do not only need to maintain a certain aesthetic, but they need to be cleanable to maintain a sanitary environment, it is very rare to very much see carpet and carpet pad in a restaurant. This is where the acoustical problems start […]

Kennel/Animal Hospital Soundproofing

I take about three to four calls a month from people who are looking to soundproof or acoustically treat a kennel, boarding room, or animal hospital. I have provided a few different products to approach and fix the noise problem in a few different ways. Typically kennels or boarding facilities are set up very similarly which revolves almost specifically around function and clean-ability […]