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Is Food That Loud?

It’s practically official: “too much noise” is now customers’ single most-hated restaurant problem, ahead of bad service, bad food, and high prices. While open kitchens, cranked-up music-playback systems, and raucous diners certainly have played a part in amplifying this business-killing monster, many complaints were aimed squarely – and rightly – at the restaurant’s acoustics. Hard […]

Envirocoustic™ Wood Wool

Cementitious Wood-Fiber Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Panels Wood Wool is now a leader in the eco-friendly, high-performance, cost-effective acoustical-panel products category. Envirocoustic™ performs well by absorbing sound while thermally insulating; ecologically, acoustic wool is simple to produce; and panels are available in many size and color variations that can be designed to fit nearly any […]


SonoKote is an acoustically transparent paint that allows sound to pass to the sound-absorbent materials behind it. Call to order this acoustic tile paint. A breathable paint layer is important because it permits moisture and air, as well as sound, to move more freely in a closed environment. This acoustically transparent paint creates a more […]

Fitness Acoustics: Can Your Class Hear You?

With summer just around the corner, more and more people are hitting the gym and attending group fitness classes such as spin cycling, yoga, CrossFit, and other health-oriented activities. An important key to any successful workout or class, of course, is listening to the instructor. Unfortunately, many gyms and fitness spaces are highly reverberant, making […]

What’s That Noise? Gymnasiums

In this ongoing blog series, the acoustic experts of ASI will detail common noise concerns of different environments and offer solutions to resolve any issues. This month’s edition of What’s That Noise? focuses on gymnasiums—wide-open spaces that are highly conducive to generating echoes and reverberation. Upon entering a gymnasium, the first thing that people notice—almost […]

What’s That Noise? Office Environments

This month’s edition of What’s That Noise? focuses on office environments—enclosed areas that depend on quietness to ensure the clearest communication possible. Millions of Americans spend 40 or more hours working in office buildings each week. Unfortunately, not all the time spent by office employees is productive, as the buildings they work in are a […]

Soundproofing Material Professionals

The term, Soundproofing, is often used when describing the suppression of noise or the containment or isolation of noise sources. The general public along with some professionals in the industry use the term, Sound Proof or soundproofing interchangeably when describing both Sound absorption or reduction, and what can be considered truly soundproofing. When a sound […]


CSI Section: 08589 – Sound Control Windows Noise Stop™ Acoustical Windows CSI Section: 083473 – Sound Control Door Assemblies Noise Stop™ Studio 3D Soundproof Door CSI Section: 09825 – Sound Absorption Materials (NRC Rated) Echo Eliminator™ Wall and Ceiling Tiles and Panels Sound Silencer™ Ceiling and Wall Panels Soundproofing Foam Fabric Wrapped Panels dBA Acoustical […]

Reverberation Demonstration

Why Reverberation Time (RT) Is Important What is Reverberation Time? Sound reflections are created when noise reverberates and echoes around architectural spaces. Reverberation Time (RT) is the acoustical concept which measures how long, in seconds, it takes for these noises to become inaudible. The Importance of Sound Quality Measuring Reverberation Time is important to determine […]

Recycled Rubber Acoustical Floor Underlayment – ACOUSTIK™

ACOUSTIK™ Underlay Keep your home, business, or next project more acoustically sound with ACOUSTIK™ Sound Deadening Floor Underlay. This high-performance material is made of recycled rubber material for a greener solution to soundproofing. It is easy to install, cost-effective, and once installed is undetectable besides the quiet it provides. Learn more about ACOUSTIK™ Sound Deadening […]