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Reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl

Rolls 54″ Wide up to 60′ Long Curtain Panels Available With Grommets and Velcro Limp, Flexible, Formable, Versatile High Tear & Tensile Strength, Extremely Durable

Quiet-Floor NP™ Sound Control Floor Underlayment

Sound Control Floor Underlayment Cost Effective Recycled Rubber Material High Performance Noise Control How do you keep your floors soundproof? No secret. Install QUIET FLOOR NP sound control floor underlayment for excellent results in floor isolation and superior sound control. Quiet Floor NP™ Flooring Insulation Board Downloads Installation Instructions – Hardwood Strip Flooring Installation Instructions – Ceramic, […]

Duracoustic S.T.O.P.™ Floor Impact Noise Reduction Underlayment

DURACOUSTIC S.T.O.P.™ Floor soundproofing is often overlooked when building a space, and can be some of the most distracting and reflective places on a project. Duracoustic S.T.O.P.™ floor impact noise reduction underlayment is designed to help with that problem. This acoustic underlay is durable and resistant to ripping and bunching, making the installation easy. Additionally, […]

Super W Pads

The Super W Pad is a Thick, Versatile, and Efficient Vibration Absorbing Pad Super W Vibration Absorbing Pads Reduce Noise, High Frequency Vibration & Impact From Typical Equipment: Single Package Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Fan Coil Units Condensing Units Electronic Air Cleaners Beverage Coolers Pumps Air Compressors

SMS-25V Sound Masking LoudspeakerSpeaker

25-Volt Sound Masking Loudspeaker The SMS-25V is a 25-volt system loudspeaker designed to generate the optimum masking sound for a variety of ceiling conditions. This sound masking machine is equipped with a 5″ driver installed in a sealed enclosure. The SMS-25V is typically installed in the plenum space, suspended between the acoustic tiles and the […]

Acousti-Curtain™ Sound Absorbing Drapery

Sound Absorbing Drapery High-Quality Construction PFR or IFR Face Layer & Lining Fabrics Excellent Sound Absorption Wool Core – Absorbs, Filters & Breaks Down Harmful VOC’s From The Air Reflects Thermal Energy Custom Designed For Any Application Variety of Fabric Options The Acousti-Curtain is a revolutionary new product tailored to give superior sound reduction and noise […]

Surface-Mounted Speaker

Surface-Mounted Sound Masking Loudspeaker The SMS-SURF is a 25-volt system loudspeaker designed to generate the optimum masking sound for surface-mounted applications. This sound masking speaker is equipped with a 6.5″ (16.5 cm) driver installed in a sealed enclosure. The SMS-SURF sound masking speaker must be installed on the surface of drywall ceilings or on ceiling […]


RSIC Resilient Sound Isolation DeCouple Clip RSIC-DC04X2 Resilient Sound Isolation DeCouple Clip The RSIC-DC04™ and RSIC-DC04X2™ are very versatile products. The most common use is the decoupling of wall systems. The design of the RSIC-DC04™ can be used in new construction or retrofit. The RSIC-DC04X2™ is twice as strong as the RSIC-DC04™ for use when heavy […]

Soundproof/Acoustical Windows

Engineered To Be The Markets First Affordable High-Performance Acoustical Window Utilizing acoustic innovations and noise-reduction technology, Acoustical Surfaces has created a soundproof interior window series that provides market-leading performance. These windows are versatile and durable, able to be installed in a variety of projects and environments. From gun ranges to recording studios, these windows help […]

Compact SMS

  CMS Sound Masking System A sound masking machine produces a masking sound frequency, to mask or cover up unwanted background noises. This helps create a more comfortable auditory environment and can aid in concentration or sleep. It can also be used as a speech privacy system helping to mask office noise and offer office […]