ACOUSTIK™ Peel and Stick Soundproofing Deadening Floor Underlay

Acoustical – Acoustic Sound Deadening Rubber Underlay

  • High Performance Noise Control
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Install

Peel and stick soundproofing floor underlay is a great sound deadening material for noise reduction and enhanced sound transmission. This product is self adhesive, so you can easily apply it to an existing floor by peeling the sticker off and directly sticking it on the tile, concrete floor or any flat surface.

It helps improve sound absorption, reduce vibration and impact noise from falling objects or rattle sound and prevent unwanted noise from coming into your recording studio, vocal booths, office space, home theater, etc.

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Products Spec


Self-Adhesive Elastomeric Bitumen, Non-Woven Polyester Reinforcement




Effect Sound Control


Soundproof Floor Underlay. Homes, Offices, Condos, Home Theaters, Recording Studios, Vocal Booths and Sound Rooms


1/8in (3.3mm)

Roll Size

36in x 26ft (0.91m x 8m)


Black core with white face


Peel & Stick

Acoustical Performance
AssemblyAcoustik Peel and Stick under Ceramic Tiles on 8” Concrete Slab
STC (ASTM E90)56
IIC (ASTM E492)50


ACOUSTIK PEEL & STICK products are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects and to be suitable for all stated uses. The manufacturer’s liability under this guarantee is limited to replacing or refunding the purchase price of soundproofing products found to be defective.